We might have a plan!

Our list for sale date (we hope anyways!) is March 1st! We’ve been doing pretty well on clearing things out these last few weeks. Just today, I filled a large box and a contractor bag with garbage, and broke down ten boxes to be put into recycling. We’ve sold a dining chair, four lawn chairs, a motorcycle jacket, a toddler bed, and a side table in the last few weeks. We’ve donated five kitchen boxes and four boxes of books to a favored charity – Brown Elephant Resale Shop (it’s proceeds benefits uninsured individuals who are in need of HIV/AIDS treatments through the Howard Brown Health Center). We’ve given three boxes of toys and a huge garbage bag of children’s clothes to some friends of ours, who have a daughter and son, slightly younger than ours. 

I came up with a plan on how to stage our apartment, which does mean we’ll have to share a room with Conrad, and since we’re not looking forward to this, rearranging will be the last thing we do before putting the building up for sale. We’ve also decided to redo the kitchen – this floor’s kitchen is crap. It’s old and not high quality anyways, so, we’re redoing it on the cheap! We’ve got kitchen cabinets in the basement and since we’re returning the basement to it’s status as a basement (because of our lovely and ongoing mold situation down there that we don’t want to deal with as a deal breaker for a potential buyer), we’re going to utilize the stuff that’s down there! We’ll purchase new, in stock countertops and a new sink and new subfloor and peel and stick floor tiles and voila! New kitchen! We think this will work in our favor! Well….fingers crossed it does! 

Otherwise, just some paint and keeping it neat and tidy and we’re good to go. We’ve got our handyman coming to do some electrical work for us  – one of our kitchen lights works half of the time and the entry light in the apartment upstairs just plain doesn’t work at all, and we have a scary spark situation in the basement, yikes! He’s also going to paint and put in new trim on the exterior back door. This will spruce up that space too! I’m considering purchasing some on sale plants to spruce up the front  yard and OH! did I mention that the work from our handyman will be bartered for James designing a website for him?! That’s right, people! It’s totally awesome! We will pay him for the kitchen renovation though….

The kids are doing well and we all had a blast at the stables yesterday. We’re really enjoying this fall weather! Hope you are too!


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