This is SUCH an awesome idea!

I know I posted today, but this is such a fantastic idea for a small space! We might have to do this…..



It was a busy, but lovely two days and we’re home. The kids are zonked and we’ve got a lot of work to do! As you recall, I am an awesome packer, so our house is pretty much done, except those things we need to use on a daily basis. So, how exactly do we have a lot of work to do? Well, we need to tackle the sunporch, as this has not happened yet, and clear out some stuff from the main room in the basement, so that it’s crystal clear what to load on the truck. We have some things in that room that are either trash or going to their original owners, so the trash is being put out and the stuff is being relocated to another basement room for now, until we can return it. We’re in the final countdown!

We’ve set up playdates this week and a final visit to the Nature Museum, at least for a little while. Other than that, there isn’t anything we want to do for our last week in the city. We just want to move and have it go smoothly! The house looks amazing and we’re anxious to get in there and set up our stuff, because living out of boxes with kids is sort of stressful. I’ve been drawing out floor plans, so that all we have to do is dive right in!

Hope your holiday was lovely!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re celebrating at Aunt Caroline’s house this year, along with 18 other people. We’ll see family that we haven’t seen for months or years and it will nice to eat and talk and hang out. Friday, we’re heading over to our new house, along with a car full of stuff and hanging out with my Dad and Pat. We’ll get a tutorial on furnace care and a walk through for anything else that we have questions about. We’re really, really excited! The rest of the weekend will be spent clearing out things that must be done during the day – we can’t really clear out the sunporch while Conrad is sleeping… besides the sunporch, we’re done with packing until Thursday. Do I rock or what?!?!

It’s sad to see our walls bare and our shelves empty, but soon enough our new place will be brimming with Park goodness. We can’t wait!

Here is a snippet of a book that we got for Natalie for Christmas. It’s just so lovely and calming. We know she’s going to love it!



It’s Thanksgiving this week and while the holidays always seem to be here sooner than we know it, they also took a long time to arrive. We are on the official countdown to moving, having only two weeks left. There is a lot of packing that remains, but then again, we can’t live without plates or clothes until moving day, so some items must wait until the end. I thought that it might be nice to remind myself what to be thankful for, since it can be really easy to gripe on a daily basis.

– I’m thankful that I’m married to someone that I want to talk to all day, every day, and who makes me laugh every single day.

– I’m thankful that I get to stay home and raise my kids – they are awesome and some days just plain blow, but since even the mere discussion of returning to work makes me tear up (literally, not figuratively), it’s definitely the right decision to be at home with my little people – plus, I kind of rock at it!

– I’m thankful that I work in a career that I can return to after being home for so many years.

– I’m thankful that we’re moving to a nice, new home, that is affordable and has some awesome landlords!

– I’m thankful that we are able to afford organic food, since it not only supports our beliefs, but is better for the planet and since my favorite book is The Grapes of Wrath, I love supporting independent farmers!

– I’m thankful for wonderful family and friends nearby, who love us and support us and make us crazy and make us laugh.

– I’m thankful that I spent my 20’s traveling (13 vacations in 8 years, to be exact) while only making $12/hr and living on my own, and somehow, I did it without accruing any debt, thank you very much.

– I’m thankful that I’m genuinely excited about each season’s arrival…it sure makes it easier to live here!

We had another robot invasion this weekend….it’s a good thing we’re moving!



I flipped over our patio chairs this morning and some ice chunks became dislodged and fell on the cement. One of them had a leaf stuck inside, so naturally I thought, ‘Hey! Bring this inside for the kids!’. I put each chunk in a bowl and brought it over to the playroom rug. They kind of obligingly investigated at first, but after some dancing and packing, the ice started to melt and then it got really fun! We discovered that if you toss it on the carpet, it breaks into smaller pieces…but only to a point. Conrad accidentally dropped a piece on the hardwood floor and oooh boy! It broke into lots of tiny pieces! Natalie gathered up the remaining chunks and they both got to work breaking the ice, gathering them, dumping them in a bowl and stirring them around. It led to washing their play dishes in a bowl and it was a good, albeit messy, time!

We got some stuff done this week!

– packed up 11 boxes this week

– purchased some new things for our new place – exciting things such as extra hand soap and a dog food tray

I can’t think of what else we got done, ha! Conrad is saying a lot more words though – all of a sudden! It’s very exciting and we’re hoping it will help with his crazy little temper…though maybe not….I’ll leave you with a few lovely photos of our little lovelies!

IMG_2602 IMG_2622 IMG_2633 IMG_2635