The Parks are moving!

We are moving in early December! It’s a bit crazy that our trajectory changed midweek and well, here we are, moving in about a month! We’re making lists and have begun our biggest purge to date. We’re trying to bring only what we love and use and the rest will either be tossed or donated. Our other big goal is to not make any large purchases, since we have everything we need! Paying down debt, building up savings, replacing our car, and selling the building are on our radar for the upcoming year. Honestly though, I think what makes us the most excited – we get our own bathroom! Hmm…or maybe it’s the doors that actually close all the way!! Hmm..or maybe the complete and utter lack of any peeling lead paint! Hmm….the floors that don’t creak! Ok, it seems that there are a few things we are excited about! A giant thanks to my Dad and Pat for this offer!!! 

The time change messed us up this year. I’m still sick and although I didn’t feel worse over the weekend, I certainly wasn’t feeling better. The kids went to bed crazy early last night, as did I, and we all slept for about 11 hours. I’m not better this morning, but I’m very grateful for all the sleep! 

Natalie took some hilarious photos yesterday and we can honestly say that Conrad doesn’t make these expressions for us!



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