Kitchen and bathroom!

I found the camera charger today and once it was good to go, snapped a bunch of pics. Except for the curtains, the kitchen is done. Let’s tour, shall we?

Hello silver tea set and art from my grandma’s house:


Hello new pot rack and kitschy art and clean work space!


Play kitchen in the real kitchen and a messy area by the sink, because, well….we live here…..


Christmas knick knacks by the sink, until it’s time to put up our all the time knick knacks:


Hello half bath art and fancy new towel!


Who hasn’t wished for a bowl of pine cones?! Or a nativity scene from their grandma’s house?!! Or fancy lotion?!?


It snowed again today. Here’s how it looked across the street after a few hours of snowfall:


Stay tuned for more pics! My computer is still in a box, but it’s getting set up this week because I am losing my mind….Natalie has been doing a lot of art since we’ve been here, so I plan on posting about that as well. Right now, I’m going to kick back and relax. Happy Monday!


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