Natalie’s book nook!

I want to post the finished rooms as much as possible, and Nat’s is SO close! Let’s start with her book nook. It was painted a lovely purple by Pat, that Natalie picked out and it’s awesome! We all love it and it really defines the area. The only new purchase for this area was a new black frame for one of her posters – her old one had been cracked for a few years – we even owned the curtain rod! Without further ado:



Her room should be done after James’ visit to the building this week to pick up her new decal and a piece of art that we left behind. We also solved our kitchen curtain dilemma – as it turns out I have 10 yards of upholstery fabric that was going to be used on a chair that we ended up tossing out, so, voila! Free!! Well, nearly, haha! I got it at the crazy low sale price of $50, because have you seen the price of upholstery fabric?! It’s insane! Anyways, I’m going to start sewing them tomorrow night and we’re excited!


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