Blueberry jam and other news

Hello! This will probably be it until after Christmas, so it’s jam packed. First, Conrad has picked up a bunch of new words and is quite pleased with himself! It’s fun to hear him say more and it will be great when during our play, he can make his character say more than, ‘hello’, over and over and over…..Natalie is writing more and more! Today, she helped me write out the grocery list and I helped her sound out the words (phonetically for the most part), so that she could write them down. It’s rather exciting and she’s really proud of herself! Although she still fists the pen/pencil, when we ask her, she can quite easily switch to the proper grip, but tells us she is more comfortable writing the other way. In time, she’ll switch, so we’re not really concerned. We’ve tried two churches and although we found friendly people at both, we’re going with the Lutheran church. It was PACKED with families and felt very relaxed (it was their casual service) and we didn’t feel like we needed to shush the kids or be extra quiet, which is a big win in my book.

Conrad has gotten more into books in the last week or so. It’s still challenging to read to the kids, since neither of them is willing to patiently wait for their books turn, but we’re getting there slowly. Along with horseback riding lessons, we’re signing Natalie up for a cooking class for kids. The riding lessons are a Christmas gift from my Dad and Pat, and I casually dropped the idea while chatting with Natalie and she perked up and smiled. She LOVES going for pony rides and is very brave and quite comfortable with the ponies, so we’re hoping that she will gain some confidence and skills in this class. It doesn’t hurt that she feels like a princess while riding!

We’re celebrating Christmas Eve with Swedish food! While the sausage I had growing up was the best I’ve had, the version we get is pretty tasty. I’ll keep an eye out for getting some locally, but for now, James picked some up in the city. My Grandma would order the sausage months in advance – it was made in batches by a local butcher and you could only get it if you had preordered it and it was so delicious. Maybe, I’ll take it up a notch and try my hand at making it myself! Or not….haha.

Christmas Day, we’re hosting and we’ve come up with a yummy menu – ham with a honey thyme glaze, winter greens gratin, glazed carrots and parsnips, a salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and brownies and gingerbread cake. We’re not making all of this ourselves, but the main dishes and the brownies are ours to claim. I can’t wait to set out our pretty dishes that came from my Grandma!

I do have a photo montage, and it’s from today! We made a batch of blueberry jam and it was easy and turned out pretty well! It’s a bit sweet, so we’ve learned to spread thinly……while we waited for it to cook, Nat read some of her books and Conrad tried out some new ‘shoes’…..



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