It went pretty well despite it being a Monday. I did start to get crabby towards the end of the day, as it was another nap free day for Conrad (so 10 hours of a 22 month old and 13 hours of a 4 year old…it’s a loooong day), and while I was fixing us dinner plates and he was whining, I snapped: “I’m not your servant you know.” To which Natalie responded to Conrad with: “Yeah, dude. She’s yours AND my servant!”. Yes, I busted out in laughter, because it was hilarious and turned my mood around, which was important. The mom = servant part…well, we’ll work on that.

We unpacked 27 boxes of books over the weekend. Now we have to deal with the onslaught of boxes tonight – break them down and pack them up for dumping in the recycling at the building. It really clears up the garage though, because folks, it’s ridiculous out there. There are empty boxes piled up way high and it’s irritating.

I’ll get to Christmas, but first, I thought I’d post photos of our living room. Aside from a few missing things (lampshade and shelf on the wall), it’s done! It looks better during the day because of the lovely sunlight, but it’s also messy from the kids being kids.


A couple of notes: the futon cover is normally bright orange, our beige one is our back up when we wash the orange one; the tv cords are rather unkempt and have yet to be dealt with; the bookshelf on the left doesn’t have its books on the top shelf  because I can’t reach it; the curtains are shower curtains! We hope you like it! It will be fully completed and shiny for our combined kids birthday party in the spring. That’s our new,’ get everything done by date’, so that we can do other things like update our credit card mailing addresses and watch a movie now and again.

The building is coming along nicely. Our handyman had some family issues to take care of back home in Mongolia, so he needed a few days for that, and should be done with the work this Wednesday. We’re following up with a few rental leads and otherwise we’re listing it for rent after Wednesday. James is heading there to follow up with our handyman and take photos and do some work. The kitchen looks really nice! If I can, I’ll have James post some pictures of the apartment.

Happy New Year!


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