Conrad’s Closet

No, not the upscale boutique that sells vintage clothing, but our son’s room! Most of the rooms are in the 90% done range, so I’m just going to start posting photos of them. His room is technically the master closet, but since it comes complete with a window, heating vent, and ceiling fixture, it works out really well.

The room was painted a lovely and bright green, with an accent wall of gray and white stripes – Thanks, Pat!! My Dad installed the very cute and colorful ceiling fan – each blade is a different primary color. I didn’t take any pictures of it because it was near his 5pm bedtime (I know, but he doesn’t nap!) and because it was whirring like crazy. We added three new things to this room – the cheapo curtain rod, the Thomas decals, and a frame for a print that has yet to be hung. Not very much was needed, as you can see! Have I mentioned before that we have TONS of stuff?!?


We have plans to hang a shelf above his dresser so his car bank has a place to live and we already had the brackets and wood, so once we paint it with some of the leftover paint, voila! And yes, it isn’t that you’re drunk, some of the decals are crooked…it’s called, little kids LOVE decals and LOVE to help. We’re really happy with his space and we hope you like it too! Questions? Ask us!

Happy 2014, everyone!


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