Snow days

We’ve been trying to get out on the days when the snow isn’t covered with a slick sheet of ice. Those days are painful for me and the dogs as well…well, actually only Izzy. Chester bounds and hops around like he’s a rabbit. He’s delighted in almost any weather…except rain….he stoutly refuses to go out in the rain due to his delicate sugary nature. Anyways, Nat loves to walk around the pond and the more time Conrad spends outside, the more he likes it. It was refreshing to be outside in the crisp air and to snap some pictures of my kids in natural daylight. James went in to the office today and the train station is exactly 4 minutes and 41 seconds from door to door. Then it’s just a swift hour and a half or so to downtown, ha! Natalie and I decorated James’ home office while Conrad took a nap. His office is Natalie’s closet and she’s delighted to share it with him – check it out!


I snapped a picture of Conrad’s room in the daylight:


Our new poufs came today and they are a hit with the kids- although you can’t tell from their expressions here! They are perfect for extra seating and are very sturdy and colorful, just what I wanted! Their purchase also supports a women’s cooperative in India!


Time to hit the road!



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