Conrad has been stringing together two word phrases lately – our favorite is his attempt at, ‘excuse me’. First of all, we must say it a lot for him to repeat it and secondly he uses it to squeeze into laps (even if it displaces Nat) and says it to toys and gets VERY upset when they don’t move…..so, it’s a work in progress. It’s exciting though! Natalie loves when she is the one who teaches him a new word. She’s quite the proud big sister!

There has been a lot of art going on lately as well. Natalie made up a play yesterday and ‘wrote’ it at the dinner table, while narrating it out loud. Conrad drew scribble after scribble and kept telling me it was a baby and kept insisting that I look at it VERY closely. We’re thinking he might need glasses…haha!

I took a cute shot of them yesterday afternoon – Natalie was busy and Conrad, ever the mimic, got his supplies in order to copy his favorite person.


Natalie has also been building lots of complicated structures lately and it’s a lot of fun. She asked me to wait until she had built with another set of blocks (you can see that Natalie separated them by color), but with a destructive boy and a blind dog, blocks get knocked down quite often around here……


You might notice that Izzy is wearing a coat…the answer is yes, we leave it on her all day. She’s a cold little dog! Chester….he’s an odd one….I let him out without his coat and he booked to the street (he was on a leash) and thought we were going for a walk….Izzy can’t get inside fast enough, but Chester…you’d think he was a wild dog! Just in case you think he’s a toughie, he REFUSES to go out in rain. At least they are interesting!


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