James is spending the whole day at the building, clearing it out and getting it spruced up to show it…and hopefully the prospective tenants show up! 

I have a bunch of thoughts tumbling around in my brain, but once I sit down to type, I conveniently forget them all! Let’s see if I can put some ideas on paper –

– We might have a poltergeist… Natalie and I constructed an alien snowman out of clay the other day and it randomly and inexplicably fell off the counter the other night..spooooky!

– We’re not sure where to go on vacation…we’ve considered a few places, but really don’t want to fly and being somewhere flat makes me feel calm when thinking about crazy Conrad….

– We’re still on the fence about schools – more teachers that we know are posting links to more and more complaints about the Common Core…and I’ve read about the assessments, including a power point presentation designed to teach kindergarten teachers how to perform just ONE of the assessments…and don’t even get me started about lexile scores….argh!

– In case the above point confuses you because we had said we would home school, we would choose a school IF it meets certain requirements, however affording private school is a whole big mess and so we’ll most likely end up doing public, which we really have a lot of reservations about…for better or for worse, but which we’ll eventually choose unless something really awful and really serious is going on.

– But not for kindergarten…full day is completely developmentally inappropriate.

– Parenting stuff: if you can make the mess, you can clean it up or say bye to the toy for a little while; if you treat someone a certain way, you are saying to treat you that way; saying excuse me doesn’t give you carte blanche to interrupt or squeeze in or through (although it might be hilarious to watch you try, Conrad); no means no, period; sometimes you have to wait because you are one person in a family of four, not THE family member – that last one is obviously going to be a work in progress until they leave the house…… 

– Seriously, 30 Rock is the most hilarious show. I know it isn’t on anymore, but it’s syndicated! Psych is a close second. 

– Now that James is done with tutoring (YAY!!), we’re looking to get me into doing something – so far it’s possibly a class or volunteering or both, we’ll see. This won’t happen until the building is settled and spring is here. 

– We want to volunteer as a family, but the kids are still pretty young and so we’re on the lookout for the right thing. I’m thinking that maybe Natalie and I can do some food pantry stuff this year. You know that phrase from Mister Rogers about looking for the helpers in times of need…yeah, it’s important to us to BE the helpers. 

I think that’s it! 



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