First step!

Our one truly variable item in our budget is our grocery list, and I’ve really cracked down on this. I want us to either get through all or most of our food before we replenish and we lost that a bit since we’ve moved, but yesterday, Natalie and I organized our pantry and we now have three distinct bins: pasta/pasta sauce, baking supplies, and ready to eat/easy to prepare dinner sides (tuna, cans of corn, etc). I kept thinking that we needed to hit the store, but after organizing our food, I now know what we really need and therefore we can spend A LOT less.

Also, I’ve been thinking about wants – buying a winter coat (to replace the one you had, not because it’s cute) or winter boots or bathing suits aren’t truly wants, so while we’re not in the market to readily replace those things, they aren’t extravagant purchases, like diamonds! Admittedly, some of our ‘we moved’ purchases were wants: poufs and bookshelves – but other things really made our life easier, so I’m not sure those fall into the want category – desks and coat hooks.

Also on our radar is listing the building for sale by March 1st. We’re hoping to sell the building for at least 306k which will allow us to break even (so, we pay off the mortgage, realtor and legal fees and walk away without owing anything but also with no cash in hand), anything above that amount would be awesome and is completely unexpected.

So for the needs list, we have the usual suspects – rent/mortgage, utilities, school loans, life insurance policy, train tickets, groceries, credit card payments, internet, car related payments (gas mostly), and medical co-pays, if applicable that month. Everything else will be cut for February – so no eating out, only free outings, no random book purchases….I can’t even think of what else we regularly spend money on….haha, so I guess we’re in a pretty good place already!

Natalie’s art has taken a turn for the amazing, and her details are out of sight! I plan on doing a post just about that. Stay tuned!


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