Home school ideas!

I’ve been thinking of some ideas for the fall – I’m really excited that we can do whatever we want and that has allowed me to really think creatively and outside the box. Our focus is going to be play, art and science, with some math and reading thrown in there because they are actually all connected anyways, if you are open to seeing it! Ideas include:

cake decorating/baking:  chemistry, patience, measuring, reading, following directions, fractions/counting, fine motor skills (pouring, leveling, rolling out/shaping fondant), comparisons of size (one cup vs. 1/4 cup), and perhaps the best part – eating!

paper making: observation (colors, textures, paper thickness), hypothesis building (what components that we find would make good paper and how they’ll feel or look), experimentation, creativity, fine motor skills,

– classes: we do think it would be beneficial to our family if Natalie took a few classes as well – options include art classes, music classes, and horse back riding lessons.

play time: blow off steam, work through issues, learn sharing, turn taking, give and take during pretend play, laugh, have fun.

– field trips: explore museums, try new things, visit new places.

That’s where we’re at for now! I’m sure things will get tweaked, dropped, changed, swapped, or added as we move through our fall. Stay tuned!


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