We played outside for a long while yesterday, which was a nice change from being stuck inside. We stopped at the local butcher and stocked up on meat as well. They offer meat boxes as well as whole/half pigs and whole/half cows, if you happen to have a huge freezer! The meat is from local farmers, so although not necessarily organic, local is also a nice choice. They also make all their own sausages and they sell pork casing which will be useful if I actually want to try making my own Swedish Sausage!

Natalie received an early birthday gift from Grandma, and it’s an absolute hit!


Things we’re thinking about:

– exploring a knit shop/farm in Marengo to get Natalie started on her first knitting project.

– taking a class at the local community college (cake decorating, anyone?!?)

– why the neighbor behind us is SO obsessed with shoveling and snow plowing….

– making myself a bright yellow scarf, because sometimes you need to make yourself something!

– finding out how to visit the Challenger Learning Center – Family Fun Nights! There are some great ones coming up, including an inflatable planetarium night!

– waiting for the motivation to finish organizing our garage and our bedroom.

– waiting for even more motivation to get the building ready to sell!

– anxiously awaiting the next episode of Sherlock on Masterpiece, in my opinion, Benedict is the BEST!

– last but not least, hoping that our little Conrad wakes up feeling better….poor guy was feverish and not well…

(UPDATE: Conrad went down for a late nap and ended up sleeping most of the night. He woke up briefly and was feverish and just wanted to be cuddled. Around 1am, we discovered he had vomited, but since he had gone back to sleep (I KNOW!) we don’t actually know when he did that. He woke up bright and bushy tailed this morning, so we think he’s back to normal. He slept from 2pm-630am, with a few brief wake ups in between. As usual, we’re glad that it wasn’t worse!)


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