Sunday was good!

I started being able to use my index finger a bit more, so that was good! Because have you tried using four fingers? It makes things A LOT harder!! Anyways, it was a no spend day, so James took Nat out for one of her favorite activities: a bike ride! Conrad napped and I cleaned and made dinner….haha, so otherwise a normal day!




My hand is ok, the whole length of my left index finger is waxy, blistered, and sensitive, along with a streak on my palm and very minor burns on my thumb and pinky. No broken skin though, so yay! Typing with one hand is annoying though….so here are some fun photos!



We did finally make it out to the library yesterday. It was a short, but successful visit! We picked out a bunch of books on Medusa and Perseus and two books on the Solar System, so hopefully we’ll get some answers. Interesting tidbit: Medusa was once a beautiful woman who was turned into a monster by Athena! The stories are complex, and so at times, Natalie is confused, so we’re trying our best to explain the twists and turns of the stories.

Here we are before heading out – both kids wanted to wear their backpacks!


There is a nice aquarium at the library too!


We also busted out our slide the other day and it was 30 minutes of chaos and laughter and lots of near misses…..


I burned my left hand last night (second degree, yay!), so posts won’t be happening for a while. I’m fine, just mad at myself. Also, it’s a pain to type with one hand…Happy Saturday!

Free Field Trip Friday!

Although they won’t always be free, today we’re heading to the library. Last night, Natalie was asking us a lot of questions, which led to more questions and book searches, but the books we have on hand don’t go into enough detail. Natalie suggested we borrow books that can tell us more information, so that’s the plan! 

We’re also exploring what other classes to do this fall – I offered her the choice of art/dance/music and she said she wanted to learn an instrument. I offered either piano or violin (there is a Suzuki instructor here) and she chose violin. We’ll revisit this once we’re closer to the fall, but I thought in the meantime, we could contact the teacher and check out the violin to explore it and familiarize ourselves. I took the cello in high school and it was my favorite class! Music is a wonderful thing. 

Oh, if you’re wondering what questions Nat was asking – here you go!

– “What makes the earth spin?” our best off the cuff explanation was that it’s somehow related to magnetic fields

– “What is a magnetic field?” doh, we don’t know how to explain this one…..she’s also been asking how magnets work and honestly, we can’t remember. For shame!

– “Who is Perseus?” this question came from our delving into our new planets book, which also has information about constellations, which led to questions about Andromeda, who was saved by Perseus.

– “Who is Medusa? Why doesn’t chopping off her head make her die?” surprisingly, James and I remembered quite a bit about our Greek mythology, but not enough, so we grabbed our mythology book. It has incomplete information, so to the library we go!

Looks like we  might have to brush up on some basic stuff….Happy Friday!


Horseback riding is still going strong! Natalie loves her new teacher, so we’re glad about that! She’s not as intensive or as hands on as Lisa, but Nat really likes her and that’s all that matters. The point is for Nat to have a good time and pick up some skills. If she wants to get serious about riding, we have a lot of years ahead of us to make that our focus. That being said, we are going to pick up some gear this weekend – Nat needs some gloves and some riding pants.

We’re still finding a lot to do in Woodstock! It’s pretty exciting and we’re anxious for some nicer weather (along with the rest of the world). Natalie told me today that she’d like to get out more, so we’re building up our, “field trip Fridays”, plan! We’ve been adding festivals and fairs to our family calendar and I have to say, that I find myself pleasantly surprised more and more. It makes me happy!

James is still busy with work, but we do have some family things this April – the kids need their yearly check up and we have our Great Goats! class towards the end of the month. We’re also hitting the 50th annual Woodstock Easter Egg Hunt, hosted by the Jaycees, so we’re really looking forward to that as well! Our budget took some serious hits this month, so we’re scaling back and trying to include as many free things as possible for April. The last Winter Farmer’s Market is in April as well, and we want to stock up!

The family we buy eggs from (beautiful speckled eggs of greens and blues and browns!) are opening a farm stand this summer at their house, so we plan on stopping by there to stock up as well. Their dogs are dumb as rocks, but super friendly and happy, so that’s always amusing.

Conrad needs to be swapped out of his crib very very soon. He’s way too tall to be in there, however, this means we will need to change out the doorknob. He can EASILY open all the doors around here, except for the ones that are true knobs (front door and garage), and since we don’t want him wandering around easily, his will be switched. We have extra ones at the building, so we’ll just grab one of those. We’re not sure if we’ll convert to a toddler bed or put his mattress on the floor….we’ll have to see if/when he falls out…although I don’t think he’s as much of a flopper as Natalie was.

We’re on a late schedule today – Conrad woke up EARLY, and so took a rare but needed nap and now it’s nearly 7:30 and everyone is WIDE awake. Fun…I tell ya….


I’m just not feeling very bloggy this week. I have lots of ideas floating around and lots of news about the kids, but every single time I’ve sat down at my computer, my mind goes blank. We’ve had some more mud fun and some more sand table fun…but then it got cold again. We also wandered over to the pond and had a grand time slapping the water, jumping off boulders, and breaking ice chunks. Conrad even found one good enough to eat! We’ve decided that the pond will be our ‘go to’ science class for this summer and fall. Water samples in jars, some bug and frog collecting (Natalie has already decided that we will catch tadpoles, which we’ll release back into the pond when they are nearly grown), and some nature journaling are all on our list. We’re also looking to pick up some needed supplies: a periscope, a microscope, some test strips, and some eye droppers. It’s exciting! 

 Here are some random pics from earlier this week:




We’re all really off today. The kids woke up and were just sort of easily irritable and crabby at each other and I am feeling really slow. It happens. Here’s a cute picture of Nat….she’s been wearing Conrad’s gloves lately and it cracks me up!