Back in the saddle again

So it’s been a few weeks since Nat had her first horseback riding lesson.  We went back this past Tuesday, and to be honest, Julie and I were a bit concerned that she might not want to go, as it has been a while.  Our concerns were unfounded, however, as Nat went right back into it and was comfortable getting up on the horse and riding around.


Here Lisa had Nat go into two-point position, which is also known as jumping position.  Nat lifted herself off the saddle and was essentially standing in her stirrups while holding onto Odie’s mane.  It was scary for me, but she had no problem trying it out.


Lisa had Nat do something called “Around the World” last time and this time as well.  She swings her leg over and turns herself around on the saddle.  I think that this is supposed to work on her comfort level on the horse, as well as balance and positioning.  Regardless, this was another thing that Nat did w/o a hitch.


Her next class is tomorrow.  Lisa mentioned something about trying a trot this week.  Ugh…


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