It’s the start of another week here at the Park house! We missed the Festival of the Sugar Maples due to two very good reasons (picking up rent/cleaning the building one weekend and forgetting the second), so we’ve started adding festivals to our family calendar to keep better track of things that we’re interested in.

James got a raise! So, we’re happy for that. It’s not a fantastic one, but every little bit helps!

We hit a fiber arts studio up in tiny Richmond (population 1900) and picked up some yarn for a project. Natalie wants to make herself a purse and a vest for Appah. We’ll see what we can do!

I have a bunch of pictures on the camera, but the camera is all the way downstairs. I’m upstairs. Get it?

We spent lots of time splashing in the mud and the puddles on Friday and Saturday, and now we have four pairs of muddy boots….thank goodness for soap and water!

Happy Monday!


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