Great Goats!

On Friday, we headed on over to Angelics Organics, an organic farm where you buy shares and thus receive a weekly box of organic goodness. They also have animals and sell eggs and milk and a wonderful learning center (it’s a straw bale house, it was cool!) where you can learn lots of basics – how to milk a goat and turn it into ice cream, how to keep bees, how to make your own soap with goat milk, and so on. They also want to get families involved and so they offer classes for the whole family! We signed up for two (I posted about this a long while back) and we experienced our first class, Great Goats! this past Friday. The farm is wonderful and crazy easy to NOT find unless you have GPS (we actually turned on an unmarked gravel road to get to their driveway….). Conrad was desperate to see the baby goats and be with the baby goats, until we were in WITH the baby goats….haha, oh well. Natalie was an old pro, since she is so ridiculously comfortable around Odie, although she was not a fan of petting zoos when she was Conrad’s age, so apparently this runs in the family. We ended up meeting a homeschooling family and learning that most of the onsite educators are also homeschoolers!! This was exciting and we’re looking forward to making some connections and heading back for our Brilliant Bees! class at the end of May.



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