James’ new office

We started making the transition this week to moving James to the newly finished screened in porch, er office! I cleared out the play kitchen and a cart and vacuumed. Then we had time to kill before any desk items got moved, so this happened:


Otherwise things are ok! The horses were all riled up yesterday – nearly every single one was whinnying and snorting and the stablehands were commenting on crazy everyone was. Nat’s teacher asked James to stay close to Nat for the lesson and once things started, Odie calmed down. No one was in any danger, it was just hot and the horses were HOT. Poor Conrad though, he was scared and I had to hold all 30lbs of him for a half hour. I got him to walk around outside and at the end of the lesson, but have you ever heard 15 horses whinnying in a stable? It’s LOUD! It was just a weird day!

We also received our Dubuque visitor’s guide and we’re excited! We found a nice hotel to stay in that’s downtown and so that we can walk to everything! We’re going on a paddleboat ride, a funicular train ride, visiting the aquarium and a jail museum (the jail is from 1852!), eating gelato, exploring a park in hopes to find the bluff that overlooks the lock and dam system on the Mississippi, and of course, swimming in the hotel pool. Nat is SO excited. Haha, that girl LOVES vacations and hotels! We’ll be going near my birthday and we’ve even found a kennel here for the dogs (it’s on 10 acres!). It’s interesting that Dubuque is so old and not flat…you know, because it’s Iowa. I’m really excited too!

edit: I should say those are the things we hope to do! If you’ve traveled with kids, ever, then you know that even the best laid plans fall through…..

Happy Friday everyone!


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