We’re still here!! Haha, just been busy and outside for hours every day. The building has been listed and has seen a few potential buyers this past week. In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten 4 compliments about our kids and it’s felt wonderful! I’ve lost four pounds this month and hope to continue on that path (our weight loss countdown is an August wedding)! Not much else to report…or maybe too much? 

Happy Monday!!



We’ve been trying to take a little break from playing with our new friends – nothing serious is going on or anything, it’s just that the constant negotiation and stress of being with peers takes its toll on Natalie and her emotional well being, so a break is in order. That being said, I finally remembered to bring the camera outside! The kids were busy making a hopscotch for giants and dinosaurs….Nat even drew HUGE numbers. It was fun, but buggy. Oh so buggy.

IMG_5398 IMG_5399 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5406 IMG_5413 IMG_5397


James was at the building on Friday and Sunday, so we didn’t really celebrate Father’s Day around here. However, we’ve signed an agreement with our realtor, the photographer is coming to take pictures at the building on Tuesday and our realtor hopes to show it this week……..whoo hoo!

Lots of other stuff going on, but I’ll have to update you later! Happy Monday!


I keep trying to post an entry with photos, but it’s not working for me right now and I don’t have the time to investigate. We’re still outside most days and I have 5 mosquito bites per foot to prove it. We’re getting to know our neighbors quite well and Conrad has developed a few little crushes…he loves the 10 year old girl two houses over and after seeing her oldest sister holding hands with her boyfriend, wanted to hold hands with her (she obliged) and he loves the mayor’s nephew and does this goofy gushing hello to him, which cracks us all up. Natalie is gaining in confidence in leaps and bounds and is experiencing that quintessential summer…you know, where you roam for hours outside, playing with sticks and leaves and flowers and rocks, and run in to use the bathroom or drink some water. It’s great and it’s really not something that would have happened had we stayed in the city, so we’re so happy! 

We’re hoping to list the building for sale in a few weeks! The realtor has sold properties in our neighborhood before and hopes she can unload ours in a few weeks time. We’re going to list at $345k and see what happens! We do not anticipate making more than that, but it’s a much higher place to list than we thought, so we’re ecstatic! We just want a break from home ownership and we’re very much looking forward to no longer having to miss James for half the weekend while he deals with tenants and building issues. Cross your fingers for a quick sale!

We’re looking forward to a rainy Tuesday…so it looks like we’ll be checking out worms and splashing in puddles. 


James is heading to the building today – he’ll clean up, paint and meet with a realtor!! This is a huge step and we’re so excited!! He’ll be there both days, slaving away, getting the upstairs apartment ready for our new tenants and cleaning up and getting the building ready to list for sale. We’re hoping for a really quick sale and once I have more information (like a list date), I’ll let you all know. We really would like to sell by the fall, so fingers crossed everyone!!

The kids and I will be laying low. On our weekend agenda – baking cookies and decluttering. We brought 4 boxes over to the thrift store recently and since it’s getting warmer out, we need to clear out the garage unless we want all that stuff to get ruined. I’m sure we’ll get outside at some point, although it’s nice to have a break and stay inside every so often. Yesterday, I had to sprint after Conrad three times and as he gets older and faster, it’s just going to happen more and more….plus we’ve all got multiple mosquito bites (they are out ALL day here) and we’re sporting some lovely farmers tans….

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Arts vs crafts

This is exactly how I feel about art versus crafts with your kids. Obviously, crafts have a place, though they aren’t something we do with any regularity. I’m more of a, ‘sure, I’ll refill your water bowl to clean your brushes in’ parent rather than a, ‘now fold here and there and voila!’ parent. Except, both have a place and they do each have pros and cons. Natalie wouldn’t have learned how to make a paper fan or a paper boat or paper airplane were it not for ‘crafts’ as opposed to ‘art’, so as you can see, we’re not entirely extreme over here. However, because I don’t ever want my kids to feel like their end product doesn’t measure up, I’m wary of crafts in favor of the more child-led art. I’m hoping that the description for Nat’s painting class (coming up towards the end of June) is heavy on the creative side – it does provide an open ended theme, which is also important – saying, ‘draw whatever you want’ has its own overwhelming problems.

Rainy Wednesday

Looks like it might storm most of the day, so I’m happy to have a day inside. The kids have been playing here and there, in between outings. Conrad can now ride his tricycle around the block, so we often make that slow trek. James will be at the building this weekend to paint and clean, since our new tenant moves in around the 15th. We’re also still waiting on rent from our first floor tenant….so hopefully she’ll get back to us today. James is also going to meet with a realtor this weekend to finalize what we need to do in order to list the building for sale. We’re hoping for a quick sale!! No more building stress!! 

We found a new bakery in town that makes sandwiches and pasta salads and we’re delighted to have found someplace for a quick savory snack when we’re in the square. June is light on festivals and fairs, but things pick up in July, so we can’t wait! We are going to try and hit Swedish Days (June 17th-22nd), but other than that, it’s just horseback riding, painting class, and playing outside with friends. 

As you may have noticed, posts are getting sparse….I’m not sure that will change as we get busier, but I’ll try to at least post a few times a week. Chasing two kids on bikes when alone is challenging at best (especially when they go opposite directions like yesterday), and doesn’t leave much time to snap pictures. We’ll see what I can do!