I know! Two posts in a row!! We never made it anywhere yesterday…haha, oh well. Conrad has had a rough couple of days – three hour naps, slightly feverish and super groggy after wake ups, so we just stayed home and took it easy. We did manage a family walk around the block and Conrad wiped out three times…once hitting his head on the sidewalk, so it was stressful. He’s fine.

We hung out a bit with the mayor and he and Conrad discussed their love of rocks and Natalie ran home and drew him a picture of rocks (hint: the mayor likes rocks). It was funny.

Today, our plan is to hit the farmer’s market and then send James off to the building to do the final bit of clean up. It’s just detail work – and it’s all in the basement. There’s a showing today as well, so we keep crossing our fingers!

We’re still battling every single month to collect rent from our first floor tenant, so we’re hoping that we sell quickly and although we don’t wish her on anyone, we want to be rid of her. It’s such a pain and we’re so tired of being landlords. It also makes the end of the month a super stressful time for me, so hopefully we can sell!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Happy 4th!

We’re going for a hike today and getting James out for a solo bike ride as well. The fireworks, though loved by me, remain on hold for us for a few more years until the kids are old enough to actually enjoy them. We’ve been missing James, since he’s been spending a lot of time working (both his job and at the building), so we’re glad to have him with us today.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!