Sorry, dropped off there for a few days. Here are some quick updates!

– We’re getting a lot of buyer traffic at the building due to the proximity of the Muslim Center, however, no one likes that it’s an old building. Within the next week, we’ll need to decide whether or not to keep it listed as we’ll have to get 2nd floor tenants for October. 

– All the kids around here are back at school and it’s nice and calm again. As a result, we’re getting out more and exploring. We hit the park for a few hours the other day and today we’re heading over to a recreation center to explore and play. This weekend we might hit Geneva for their folk festival. 

– James is going into the office twice a week. We were together way too much and it was throwing us all off, so this is a much better solution. He’s also going on his first ever business trip, so we’ll be preparing the kids for that as well. I think it’ll be fine, just have some ups and downs.

– Come January, we’ll be enrolling Natalie in something so that we can help ready her for first grade in the fall. When we talk to teachers out here, we’re still really unsure about public school, but we’re still willing to give it a go. 

– They are redoing sections of the streets in our neighborhood and it’s caused quite an uproar. I was laughing with a few board members about how everyone is reacting to this apparently horrendous roadwork. People are really weird.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our silly Conrad and I’ll try and remember to take pictures today. Enjoy! Hmm….I seem to have lost the camera…I’ll have to post the pic later!



Field Trip Friday!

On our agenda for our foray into homeschooling this year are regular field trips…it gets us out and gives us something to look forward to and breaks up our usual routine. Today we hit the Discovery Center in Rockford and it was a blast! I forgot the camera, of course, but I’ll try and remember to bring it with in the future. 

This weekend sees James out at the building doing some painting and cleaning – feedback from realtors is that we need to paint the back stairs, so paint it we will! I just started running and desperately need some running shoes, so Sunday will see me out on my own picking up a pair so that I have better support when I run. 

We’re taking a break from horseback riding and although we think Natalie might want to start it up again at a later time, for now, it seems like she wants to take a break. This opens up our schedule a bit and gives us a bit more freedom for choosing some classes from the recreation department. 

I have a post in the works that will layout our plan for the year, but for now, it’s time to get Nat ready for bed. Happy weekend, everyone!


This past Monday, our friend’s (he’s also our neighbor) great great aunt passed away. Though she was quite old (104), old age never removes the pain of loss. Our friend has needed some time alone, which is hard to grant when your kids see him every day and don’t quite understand, but we’ve been talking a lot about sadness and loss and offering grace to someone when they most need it. Natalie made him a card and Conrad keeps shouting at him to be happy, so I think they get it…right? 

In other news, classes through the recreation center start in a few weeks, so we’re anxiously awaiting their calendar to see what to sign up for. In other BIG news, I’ve decided that next year, I’ll be returning to work, at least part time. I’m really excited about it and because I’ll have been out of nursing for six years by spring of 2015, it will be necessary for me to take a refresher course. You now have lots of questions, I’m sure, so I’ll try and pretend that we’re having a QA right now: 

– Yes, I love being home, but Conrad doesn’t need me in the same way that Natalie did and I don’t see the need in being home full time for the next 3-4 years.

– I will only return part time, because our kids are still little and I am still needed at home.

– I’m excited to have something for myself, something that will give me an identity other than being only a mom (though that is quite an important job and one that I treasure).

– I’m doing the refresher course in the spring, hopefully starting work in the summer, so that when Natalie starts school in the fall, it will have been gradual baby changes, instead of throwing this all at everyone at once. 

– We could use the money, but honestly, this is the least important reason. 

– Conrad is definitely going to be a preschool kid. Have you met him? He wanders off with kind neighbors…it’s all good though.

So there you have it! Or maybe you still have questions and so I ask that you just shoot me an email. We’re slowly transitioning into our homeschool year, and I feel like we’re going at a good pace. Sorry folks, no pictures today. 


I picked up some art supplies yesterday, since our school year will definitely include art! The kids got busy right away and Natalie made a clay jack o’lantern and Conrad made a clay blob (which ended up being many things to him, so he was delighted). They also had some time to paint and while later Conrad painted just his hands, they managed to create some spectacular new masterpieces!

IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5441

Natalie painted a picture of Leo the Ninja Turtle wearing a top hat (she claimed it was really hot out and it provided some shade).


Conrad painted (in his words), ‘a big, big dark picture!’


Aand, we’re back!

Summer is winding down out here in Woodstock, since school started this past Thursday. We’re starting our school year soon as well, but for now, we’re just adjusting to a new routine that doesn’t include hours of playing with our friends. It’s been a good summer – we’ve had lots of ups and downs and I’ll get into all that later, so for now, here’s a picnic that Conrad set up in our living room. He’s saying, ‘cheese’. He is a cheese. Admire his hair, why don’t ya?