Field Trip Friday!

On our agenda for our foray into homeschooling this year are regular field trips…it gets us out and gives us something to look forward to and breaks up our usual routine. Today we hit the Discovery Center in Rockford and it was a blast! I forgot the camera, of course, but I’ll try and remember to bring it with in the future. 

This weekend sees James out at the building doing some painting and cleaning – feedback from realtors is that we need to paint the back stairs, so paint it we will! I just started running and desperately need some running shoes, so Sunday will see me out on my own picking up a pair so that I have better support when I run. 

We’re taking a break from horseback riding and although we think Natalie might want to start it up again at a later time, for now, it seems like she wants to take a break. This opens up our schedule a bit and gives us a bit more freedom for choosing some classes from the recreation department. 

I have a post in the works that will layout our plan for the year, but for now, it’s time to get Nat ready for bed. Happy weekend, everyone!


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