Hi guys, we’re still not really posting a lot….but school is going really well for the kids and Natalie told us the other day, that she really thinks it’s helping her not feel lonely or grumpy, so hooray! Conrad is happy that school has toys for him to play with…haha.

We’re also still outside A LOT. In fact, after talking with 3 neighbors who have all lived here 8 years or more, apparently I know a lot more people than they do….but as the kids are getting bigger, it’s so important to be outside as much as we can. I’m also getting out a lot more with just Conrad – after we drop Nat off at school, you can find us sipping some hot cocoa in the park in the square or heading to a park or just driving around to find all the train track crossings we possibly can.

The neighborhood kids are all getting together a bit more, although once it’s dark at 5pm, I imagine that will be limited to weekends. For now though, we’re all enjoying the cooler air and the kids are all busy running around like maniacs and generally having a good time. Today, Natalie was rolling down the hill with all the other kids and just laughing and having a grand time. It’s really such a great thing!!

October is a busy month for us birthday wise, so we have plans a lot of the weekends. We’re hoping to close on the building sometime after October 20th, as we’re just awaiting for our buyers to get all their financial things in order. We’re really looking forward to a building free winter and spring and summer…well you get the idea….fingers crossed that it all goes as planned!!!

We had a really windy day and hit the park with the intention of flying a kite, but once we got there (literally a 6 minute drive) the wind mysteriously disappeared, but the kids were happy to play on the playground. We also had a field trip to the fire station!! It was a tad overwhelming for our kids, especially since 3 busloads of kids also attended….it was just the tiniest bit loud and crowded…as you can imagine.

IMG_5614 IMG_5615 IMG_5616 IMG_5617 IMG_5619 IMG_5620 IMG_5621 IMG_5622 IMG_5625 IMG_5626


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