Conrad’s new (ish) room

We’re in a whirlwind of cleaning over here….I’m also sick, so that makes it a LOT more fun! Things are settling down after selling – we’ve paid off a bunch of stuff and made some purchases and set up a savings account (and bonus: we’ve set up automatic payments to our savings!!). One thing we needed to do was set up a big boy bed for Conrad…we already had the mattress, but we bought him a new pillow and duvet and did some light rearranging, check it out!

IMG_5840 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5843

It’s a really nice space for being a closet and he LOVES his new bed. The room doesn’t feel any smaller at all, so we feel confident that it will work for as long as we need it to. I plan on tackling the rooms one by one to make some small adjustments and to finally have the time and energy to get rid of stuff that we no longer use/need/want.

Have a good weekend!



Today we had parent teacher conferences and they went really well! Natalie has made such fantastic progress and we’re very proud of her! Dropping her off is cry free (yay!) and she’s made some good friends (including another shy girl, so double yay!) and really likes her teacher and has no problem going up to her and making her needs known. She’s cooperative and loves to have a job for the day (door holder, clean up after snack time) and is really coming out of her shell and talking to more kids. It’s definitely been the right choice for her. Conrad is an interesting one…we realize that people gravitate towards Conrad…he’s smiley and easy and talks to people and is pretty laid back, but in class, he’s quiet and mostly cooperative, but also avoid responsibility for clean up time and will flat out refuse to participate in things. He also isn’t that smiley or excited when I drop him off, though he does enjoy school and is always fine during the day. All in all, they both are doing great and we’re so happy to have found such a great place for them to be and learn.

In other news, Conrad is no longer in his crib! He was getting too big and was banging his head in the middle of the night, so we went ahead and moved Nat’s extra twin mattress into his room. He LOVES it and is sleeping much better, although he does at times roll onto the floor….haha, thank goodness for carpet and the mattress being inches off the floor!

The weather is getting colder and we’re gearing up for all things holiday, so we’re excited about that. We can’t believe that we’ll be celebrating our second Christmas here! Thank goodness we’re a bit more settled now! James just found out that he got a substantial raise, so we’re extremely excited to share that news with you!

We had a mild emergency this week, as Conrad had croup and we ended up calling 911 and having an ambulance come out. He’s FINE, don’t call us, he’s totally fine, haha. Anyways, what ended up being quite a lovely thing was that we had a neighbor get dressed and walk over in the middle of the night, JUST to make sure that we didn’t need any help (ie: babysitting) and that it wasn’t something super serious. It was really nice and she was honestly quite concerned. We ended up calling our other neighbor to come over and sit at the house in case Nat woke up, which she didn’t, thankfully. Conrad got some steroids and we were sent on our merry way and it was all said and done by about 1am. People here are very friendly. It’s so so nice.

Other than that, not much else is going on. I’m gathering ideas for volunteering this season and we’ve got 3 ideas that the kids are able to participate in. I’m looking to do something for myself as well, so I’m looking into ways to volunteer as well. I’m excited to have something for myself that isn’t dabbling with little kids and uses my brain in other ways!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I’ll leave you with some pics that the kids took of each other…..

IMG_5705 IMG_5707 IMG_5710 IMG_5711 IMG_5713 IMG_5718 IMG_5719 IMG_5739