Nature Pics!

I was in the living room the other day on a photo safari and I was able to observe Nature at its most primal.  Warning: there are some potent images below.

I happened upon a Natalie who had just captured a Conrad.


It seemed like the Natalie was just playing with the Conrad.  The Conrad didn’t seem to be resisting too much.


Uh oh.  The Natalie incapacitated the Conrad’s primary defenses: its bite.


The Natalie was moving in!


Oh, the horror…


HE’S FREE!  The Conrad managed to escape the Natalie!


Of course, the Conrad subsequently did a little jig and wiped out on the ground.



Ok, so these pics are from very early January… but I promise you, the kids still look now approximately how they do here, so I think we’re ok.  Anyways, the pics kinda speak for themselves, so I’ll just shut it and let y’all look at them.

20150103_112207 20150103_112213 20150103_112216 20150103_112248 20150103_112252