We’ve had some setbacks, but that’s just part of it. Not a fun part of it, but it happens. Nat’s room was wallpapered at some point and painted over and when I rolled her colors up, it all started to bubble up….so, we’re scratching her room off our list for now. We’re just not sure we can get it done. At this point, we’ll need to scrape all the wallpaper off, clean up the walls, prime it and then paint it. This is going to take some time, more than we have before we move in. Positive bit: we figured out we need to lighten up her colors, so that’s a definite silver lining.

Our priority at this point, is to get Nat ready for school and give her some of our time. We also need to finish packing and James is back at work this week, so for the most part, we’ll be moving into a house that still needs finishing touches. There isn’t a good way around that and so we’ll just deal and take it a room at a time. We’re taking the long view here, since this is our home, so it doesn’t need to be complete before we move in. It just wasn’t going to happen anyways.

On a plus note, after Nat’s room debacle, we made the parenting decision to lighten up Conrad’s room colors as well. We have no qualms about mixing paint colors, so we had some leftover white and dumped in his blue and voila!

IMG_6979 IMG_6982

The original blue was MUCH darker, so this turned out really well! We’ll lighten up his green as well, since blue is his accent color. Haha, our kids like color too!! I did take some pictures of Nat’s room, so here is how it did turn out, but as I said, we’ll be starting from scratch in here and going lighter. It made her room feel darker and we didn’t like that at all.


Tomorrow will be James heading to the house and making sure that the first floor is all ready to be refinished on Monday. He might head there and do some work during a weeknight after Tuesday or we might just lay low and get ready to move and help Nat settle into her first week of school. I’ll take some pictures after the floors are redone though, because I can’t wait to see them!!


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