Let’s talk homework…..

We’re settling into our new school routine and along with September comes the start of homework! I finally had to review it last night to keep it all straight and to figure out what the heck we’re supposed to be helping Natalie with anyways, so here it goes!

Every day, Natalie is supposed to either read aloud or be read to for at least ten minutes. We have a calendar we fill in to keep track of this reading. Mondays and Thursdays we are also supposed to do math homework. This mostly consists of addition flashcards (which I have to make) which we do on Monday and practice on Thursday. We also are to review a math website with her on Thursdays and keep track of all this as well. Tuesdays we are to review ten sight words, which Nat will get tested on the following week. So…forty new words by the end of the month. Wednesdays are for writing out sentences. The teacher wrote out four different ideas, and each week Nat is to write up a sentence about that theme/idea.

It seems like a lot, mostly because after she is done with school, I want to let her play and screw around and then we eat and bedtime is pretty early (730pm). However, we do have five hours in between when she gets off of school and lights out, so there is ample time to do these activities. The trick is to make them fun! Once I have that figured out, I’ll let you know….haha. Last night (our second day of homework) we got some pushback from Nat about her reading, but it’s required and we do it with her and give her choices about what to read, etc, so that did help. It also helps that at least at first, the reading can be us reading to her, so if she’s really not feeling it, then we’ll bust out that option.

Drop offs are good though! She is happy to see people she knows and although she still does have some anxiety, there aren’t anymore tears and when I leave her, she’s smiling and ok. Picking her up has been a delight lately, since she walks out holding hands with a friend or two. It makes us so happy to see that!

The house is still coming along too. We’re making plans for changes in the future and trying to keep up with basic stuff. It’s a big yard to mow, for example! Rugs can be put down next week and I’m DYING to put them down! Instead, I’m scrambling to get things hung up and things tweaked for the big reveal next week. It’s looking good!!


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