A sunroom to behold!

Each room on the main floor has varying degrees of ‘finished’, but this room probably has the lowest percentage of what’s left to get done! What’s left: swapping out two sconces and paint touchups. What’s done: everything else! I really like before and afters, so stay with me here…..

Here is how the previous owner had this space organized:


Here is our transformation!


Let’s review our progress:


It’s dark, dark brown paint and black carpet, and lots of branches!


James has ripped out the carpet and we’ve lightened it up with some bright yellow paint!


The floors got refinished to a natural stain and we’re delighted with how they look!


Here is the completed (well mostly, haha) room! Branches got trimmed (thanks, Halmoni!), walls painted, furniture set up and curtains framing the windows. Lots of little touches left to be finished here – paint touch ups, a lamp shade for my blue lamp, and some replacement sconces. It’s turned out beautifully and we’re so happy!

IMG_7095 IMG_7096


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