Small changes

At this point in the game, it’s going to be small steps of progress. I don’t like this as a rule, but eventually, I can’t freak out so much every day about things not getting done and I poop out and relax. I am finally reaching this point, success! I also want to enjoy my time and this past weekend was the first one where I actually felt like laying on the couch with the kids and watching a movie, instead of, ‘it’s daylight! I must get something done!’ My own little progress!

Anyways, this little corner of the living room didn’t quite feel complete to me. James has been working on second coats on the trim most nights, so that’s something to feel good about, but doesn’t really translate well in a post…look! It’s even MORE white! We won’t be painting the baseboard until next year, so I’m learning to live with the awful burgundy that is currently the state of our living room baseboard.

Here is where we started:


All together, not a bad little area! But not entirely functional either. The kids seldom used the rocking chair and it bothered me that my portrait wall wasn’t completed. It wasn’t in the budget to get any new pieces of artwork, however, and for the record I’m ALL about thrift store or free art! Three of the pieces you see on the wall were free! Anyways, it’s a weird little space….kind of dark, kind of useless…and finally, I landed on a solution!


I had a few postcards from over a decade ago and two old frames, so voila! New art! I also purchased four cork boards on the cheap and stuck a picture from a book to one and voila! More new art!

IMG_7179 IMG_7182

James also has a nice collection of scotch that was getting nowhere fast in the basement. Especially given the fact that the basement won’t be usable for a little while (it’s where we store all our crap!), so I thought it would be nice to set up a little bar area and display his most prized possessions, his scotch! The table felt too dark and orangey in the space though, so we had this old wall hanging that we got at a garage sale about nine years ago, so I busted that out, pretended it was a table runner, and we have a nice little spot!

Eventually, we’ll pick up the buffet that we used to have in our dining room at the building and this will be our fancy drink station, but for now, this works and I’m so happy that it is mostly complete!


I’ve been working on the front yard here and there and so stay tuned for those updates soon! We’re also installing the flooring in the mudroom, so progress pictures coming soon!


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