Kitchen darkness problem, solved!

How? Well….cutting down trees makes ALL the difference! We got a lot more direct sunlight in our kitchen and that more than makes up for the dark cabinets. Easy solution! We still need to paint in there and redo the built in eating area to make it Izzy proof, but every so often we forehead slap ourselves and say, ‘Holy frijoles! We’ve only lived here for two months! I guess we can relax….’


Not exactly the same angle, but oh so much brighter and it’s lovely! Little things are getting done, some trim painted here and there and always some rearranging of things… of those to come!


A light posting week

It’s been hectic, so little has gotten done around here….except some cleaning and a big decision to just put things away and live in the house a little bit. Until I can’t stand it that is, and I bust out a paint brush and get to work, haha! We’d like to get ready for holidays and weekends are getting busy and then we just don’t have any time to do things around here. We’d like to see people! I do have some little updates to post about, however, and I’ll get to those!

We’re gearing up for Halloween and a birthday celebration (my mom) and it should all be fun! I’ve got to get sewing now….because as much as I had hoped, Natalie’s costume isn’t making itself…and the mice around here aren’t like Cinderella’s mice….(as an aside, we’ve caught 2!)

Some hooks, finally!

We had a very busy and very fun weekend, but now I’m exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. A good night’s sleep will help and so did hanging some hooks! Our mud room is slowly getting better.


IMG_7671 IMG_7673

We still need some more hooks and some paint and some¬†wallpaper and some shelving up on top, but for now, it’s at least functional! Bonus: no more lost keys or coats on the floor!!


Just some brief updates since I don’t have any photos –

  • James saw a mouse in the basement and I suggested we get a basement cat…he declined
  • In light of frequently losing our keys, we decided that maybe we should finally put up hooks in the mudroom
  • The banquette seating will have to come out this winter since I keep catching Izzy on the counter
  • Scraping wallpaper only sounds fun
  • Our yard feels huge now and I keep brainstorming farming ideas that James just sighs about
  • Conrad wants to learn his letters and numbers and is recognizing more of them!

Happy Thursday!

Tree guys

In a word, they are AMAZING. They spent a mere three hours on our yard and they climbed eight trees, EIGHT! Not all the trees they climbed came down, some they had to climb to trim properly, but geez. They worked quickly and deftly was a word I used A LOT yesterday. They took down a slew of saplings as well, so removed about ten trees and trimmed three trees. In THREE hours! It’s so clear and open and bright now. I keep wandering around the yard in awe, haha. Let’s get to some photos! In this photo montage, I put them all together, so to better see the results.


IMG_7334IMG_7644 IMG_7335IMG_7657 IMG_7336IMG_7647 IMG_7339 IMG_7658IMG_7340 IMG_7651IMG_7341IMG_7650 IMG_7342IMG_7653 IMG_7346 IMG_7660IMG_7349 IMG_7654IMG_7318IMG_7656

They did an amazing job!

A table

The tree guys came yesterday morning and Conrad was beyond delighted, however, they couldn’t get their chipper working so they packed up and headed out. It’s going to be so good when it does get completed though!

In other news, I’ve been working on a side table for our living room. I’ve tried several of our tables and the one I like best, is one I picked up months ago for $15. Having spent $8 on spray paint and having that not work out, was discouraging, so in the end I primed it and painted it with existing paint. It’s a bit low, but it’s narrow and nice and did I mention that it was $15??

IMG_7555 IMG_7559 IMG_7561 IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7575

It was fine the way it originally was (a dark stain) but it was much too dark for the room and just plain disappeared and was weird. I plan on adding some decoration to the tray top, but I’m taking my time and thinking about it. ¬†The one really great thing about having lots of different colors in your house is that you certainly have a little paint store to choose from for little side projects!

Hopefully the tree guys will come back soon! It’s already looking a bit better!


They got a little bit done before they had to go back to the shop! It looks great!

Red Barn

We hit up the Red Barn this weekend. The kids needed to run around and well, it’s closing! The owners are retiring this year so this will be our last year to enjoy it. It was good – check it out!

IMG_7578 IMG_7583 IMG_7587 IMG_7588 IMG_7591 IMG_7593 IMG_7595 IMG_7599 IMG_7600 IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7607 IMG_7609 IMG_7615