Go outside!

We have mostly gotten to the point where I can yell at the kids to, ‘go play outside!’, when they become too crazy inside. It helps that I can still open windows to monitor them and I love that we have a big enough yard that they have lots of areas to play and a long enough driveway that riding a bike down the sidewalk isn’t missed.

I snapped a pic of them through the playroom window:


We have new address numbers! And a new mudroom floor! The mudroom isn’t quite done yet and of course, geez, is anything? We’re plugging along though. Which is good! Everyone but me is sick, which is dangerous…..I don’t want to get the weird mutated virus version from the kids and James! What can you do……maybe I’ll be spared. One can hope.

Here are the numbers – before and after:


Much bigger and a new style! James is considering swapping out the light fixtures at some point, but I kind of like them….so we’ll see. Notice the not so sad looking threshold as well! It got one coat of paint! We’re hoping for a second since it’s warmish this weekend. I’d really love to paint the steps, but that’s not in the cards this year and I can’t wait to get rid of the storm door and get ourselves a new front door that we outfit with a piece of art glass from my Dad and Pat. It’s going to look really awesome! Now on to the mudroom! Of course, before and after (maybe I should say afterish since it’s not quite done yet):



I still need to hang up some more coat hooks and key hooks and finish putting up the contact paper and paint all the trim, BUT, the flooring looks fantastic! It changes the whole feel of the space, great job, James!

Now I will make some more tea and sit and relax in here, so nice……



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