It was an action packed weekend of family and friends and it was so much fun! The kids are tired though, and as I type this, it’s 8:40am and Natalie is still asleep in her room. We’re letting her stay home today, she obviously needs the sleep! Here are some photos from the weekend – wordpress has updated their photo layout and you can now click through as an album, it’s a nice feature. I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d hoped….sometimes we were just busy talking and chasing the kids!


Happy Thanksgiving

Today, Conrad and I will pick up Natalie about an hour early and celebrate our long weekend! Thursday sees us celebrating with my Dad in their first Thanksgiving living in northern Illinois in perhaps over a decade! My stepsister is hosting 22 people and we’re bringing a dish to pass. Friday sees us cooking all day and hosting Lindsay for dinner! We have grand plans to hit the Lighting of the Square that evening, unless Conrad doesn’t nap and one of us (me this year) will miss it. Fingers crossed for a nap! Saturday sees us heading to Villa Park to celebrate with my Mom and her extended family in a sort of pseudo-family reunion. We’ll be laughing and catching up and feasting on pizza! Sunday sees us going to church to celebrate the first day of Advent and then hitting the square that afternoon to see the Christmas Parade! Whew.

Natalie has been saying prayers lately, all on her own in fact. So, James asked her if she’d like to attend church and she lit up and said yes! I thought that maybe celebrating the season of Advent might be a nice thing to kick off our church going experience. Plus, it’s just a nice way to celebrate the season since it takes us away from the commercialism of it all. Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and a safe one as well if you are traveling!

A fun find!

I was perusing our basement on Sunday to see if there was anything interesting down there…aside from what we moved in with, I mean…and I found two glass cabinet doors! One is more damaged than the other, so I only brought up one. I have no idea what they originally were part of, but we’re going to attach one to our decorative cabinet in the kitchen. It needs to be cleaned. Badly. But it’s really pretty and was a really fun find!

This week will be a busy one – we have plans every single day this weekend! We’re looking forward to celebrating with family and friends and our progress to get the first floor done continues. At this rate, I’m not sure if we’ll meet our goal for the first floor, but we’ll keep trying anyways.

Snow fun!

We headed out twice yesterday – if only because James had to shovel our driveway and the sidewalk in front and on the side lot. Then he pulled the kids in the sled. I pulled them later and whoo boy! It’s exhausting! They also tried to help with snow removal…..


It’s still coming down and is supposed to until after lunch, but here’s what our new house looks like in its first snow fall! We’ll be out later today to play and I’ll have lots of pictures later, but right now, it’s not even 8am!


Our favorite Conrad phrases

  • When washing his hands, he says he’s making a good ‘lavender’ (he means lather)
  • When he’s playing with rocks, duplo, dump trucks, and self built cranes from duplo, he tells us that he’s ‘construction site-ing’
  • The other day he said to me, ‘sometimes I really love you, but sometimes……’
  • ‘I am getting stronger and more stronger!’
  • ‘I think i growed a little bit when I was sleeping’

Just like with Nat, we’ve enjoyed this! Happy Friday!


We’re back to a few things – Conrad doesn’t want to go to school, so we’re keeping him home again. Preschool for our family is a bonus, so it should be something that Conrad wants to do, not something we make him do or have to spend any time convincing him to go. He’s three and we want school to be a positive thing! Not turn him off before it even gets off the ground…..

Natalie’s school was on lockdown yesterday (as all the schools in our district were). Per the police department, all schools were placed on hard lockdown, which meant they could not leave their classrooms, no one could enter the school, and all lights had to be off. They were permitted to go to the bathroom and get drinks of water with a teacher. It lasted all day. Police were there to ensure a smooth and on time dismissal. The reason for all this, you ask? A burglary in the city of Woodstock, where a firearm was suspected to be stolen. That’s it.

It does happen where kids have to be kept past dismissal time and I did find an article where that happened in Batavia just recently. Kids from an elementary and high school were released after 5pm only because a man had barricaded himself in his own house and was a known gun owner. So….needless to say, James and I think this is a slight overreaction.

Kudos to the school for handling it well as the kids didn’t seem that traumatized (though at a PTO meeting that night, I was informed by someone with a kindergartner that the preschoolers were a bit freaked out). It all seems a bit ridiculous to me. I understand the larger idea of keeping everyone safe, I get it. No need to explain that part, but I think as a nation we can do better about this, don’t you?

Anyways, we’re having a special Halmoni visit this weekend and the kids are delighted (though disappointed that Gomo can’t make it, we’ll miss you Gomo!).