We’re back to a few things – Conrad doesn’t want to go to school, so we’re keeping him home again. Preschool for our family is a bonus, so it should be something that Conrad wants to do, not something we make him do or have to spend any time convincing him to go. He’s three and we want school to be a positive thing! Not turn him off before it even gets off the ground…..

Natalie’s school was on lockdown yesterday (as all the schools in our district were). Per the police department, all schools were placed on hard lockdown, which meant they could not leave their classrooms, no one could enter the school, and all lights had to be off. They were permitted to go to the bathroom and get drinks of water with a teacher. It lasted all day. Police were there to ensure a smooth and on time dismissal. The reason for all this, you ask? A burglary in the city of Woodstock, where a firearm was suspected to be stolen. That’s it.

It does happen where kids have to be kept past dismissal time and I did find an article where that happened in Batavia just recently. Kids from an elementary and high school were released after 5pm only because a man had barricaded himself in his own house and was a known gun owner. So….needless to say, James and I think this is a slight overreaction.

Kudos to the school for handling it well as the kids didn’t seem that traumatized (though at a PTO meeting that night, I was informed by someone with a kindergartner that the preschoolers were a bit freaked out). It all seems a bit ridiculous to me. I understand the larger idea of keeping everyone safe, I get it. No need to explain that part, but I think as a nation we can do better about this, don’t you?

Anyways, we’re having a special Halmoni visit this weekend and the kids are delighted (though disappointed that Gomo can’t make it, we’ll miss you Gomo!).


4 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I would think it’s a difficult call to activate a high alert but if it keeps children safe I am all for it as well. It could be that not all of the information was given out about who took the gun and possible motives? Unfortunately, I think this is the sign of the times and no community is immune to possible violence. I am not sure what a solution would be so that children don’t grow up with this type of threat as part of their childhood. Very upsetting.

    • i’m obviously all for keeping children safe as well, but as there was no imminent threat to the actual schools, it seems unnecessary to have a lockdown. they released his picture, and a description and a general whereabouts where the burglary happened and ultimately found the missing weapon. my fear is that we’re inadvertently increasing the level of fear our children experience in the name of safety. my other fear is that by the time my kids get to high school, they’ll be so desensitized to it, that it won’t have the same affect anymore as its intended purpose. a good comparison is to look at urban schools, where shootings happen quite frequently and they only perform lockdown procedures when there is a threat at the actual school. otherwise, they’d be doing them on a daily basis.

      • Just to clarify a bit, even w/o a lockdown, the doors are locked during school days. So it wouldn’t have been easy for somebody to just run into the school.

  2. Things will settle down after a while – hopefully soon. Glad to know that the school doors are locked. It probably would have been less stressful to just cancel recess to keep the kids indoors and not an official “lockdown” – as with the doors already locked it kinda of already was on lockdown. On the other extreme, when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, we had a threat of a tornado and the school dismissed us to go home… hahaha…. while the wind was so strong I couldn’t stop walking but was blown home. Thankfully, I was able to get into the house… hahaha. Of course, my favorite was the hiding under our desks during a bomb drill in the 50’s….. because that would certainly have protected us from harm! Love you guys!

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