Happy Thanksgiving

Today, Conrad and I will pick up Natalie about an hour early and celebrate our long weekend! Thursday sees us celebrating with my Dad in their first Thanksgiving living in northern Illinois in perhaps over a decade! My stepsister is hosting 22 people and we’re bringing a dish to pass. Friday sees us cooking all day and hosting Lindsay for dinner! We have grand plans to hit the Lighting of the Square that evening, unless Conrad doesn’t nap and one of us (me this year) will miss it. Fingers crossed for a nap! Saturday sees us heading to Villa Park to celebrate with my Mom and her extended family in a sort of pseudo-family reunion. We’ll be laughing and catching up and feasting on pizza! Sunday sees us going to church to celebrate the first day of Advent and then hitting the square that afternoon to see the Christmas Parade! Whew.

Natalie has been saying prayers lately, all on her own in fact. So, James asked her if she’d like to attend church and she lit up and said yes! I thought that maybe celebrating the season of Advent might be a nice thing to kick off our church going experience. Plus, it’s just a nice way to celebrate the season since it takes us away from the commercialism of it all. Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and a safe one as well if you are traveling!


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