Happy New Year!

We don’t do anything spectacular or that special for New Year’s Eve, we never really did even before we were a couple, so I imagine it will involve me trying to stay up and watching a movie and toasting at midnight!

We rescheduled our Rockford trip from last week and went yesterday. We figured the first week of break would fly by and be breezy but that the second week of break might have more kinks in the road so that distractions would be necessary. Our hypothesis was correct, we’re very glad we went yesterday. Squabbles occur much more readily this week than last, so school and routine next week will be welcome. I’ll have James put up the videos we took, but here are some photos from our trek to the Discovery Center.

Tomorrow for New Year’s Day, we’re having some of our favorite people come and visit us at our new house! There will be six kids here, from 8.5 – 10 months old, so we’re excited, the kids are excited, the dogs will be hiding, good times!

We don’t make up resolutions and so therefore, we don’t talk to the kids very much about New Year’s and what it entails….maybe when they are older….but for now they are just excited to have time off, play all day, and see friends and family. Happy New Year!


Be careful!

It’s yucky out today, so aside from sending James out later to get milk, we’re staying inside. We’re starting to put away Christmas decor and get back to normal and we’ve made room for all the new toys.

We didn’t get our list done for the first floor, but we did manage to scramble and at least prime the hallway before guests came. I realized that I can’t pick a paint color that I like for in there, but that I do love a wallpaper for it. That seems like quite alot of work, so we’re just going to live with it primed for a bit.

Nat is actually anxious to get back to school, so that’s a good thing! We’ve got things planned this week to help us get through…and to decrease the squabbles that happen between a brother and a sister who are together every single day……

I’ll take some pictures once the rooms are cleared up, so we can showcase our new arrangement of stuff!!

Be safe if you must drive outside today! It’s already quite icy out!


The kids made out like bandits and we’re really tired, but happy tired because it all was so wonderful! I also got a lovely air plant from Gomo and it is so perfect for my sun room!

I picked up the hook at a thrift shop for $2 and when considering what to hang from it, I decided on an air plant. It worked out that Cindy was going to a craft fair and offered to pick one up (I’ll write you a check, I forgot!) and it’s so perfect and I’m really happy with it! Thank you!

The kids also had a really great Christmas, so we’ll just move on to those pictures. Some are in the morning (though not too many since we were just enjoying it) but most are of the evening get together, which I think went pretty well.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!

We’re heading to Rockford today, to take the kids to the Discovery Center. We’re all excited! Posting probably won’t happen for a few days, but here are a few photos of the kids. First one, is us at the local performance of The Nutcracker! The kids did really well and sat through the whole thing and clapped at the right times and whispered throughout. We were really proud! We live so close to the downtown now, that we were able to walk to the Opera House, which was a nice to way to start and end the show.


This one is just a candid photo of the kids being together. It’s just a really sweet pic. Merry Christmas everyone!



It became clear when I cooked Thanksgiving on a Friday, that we needed some trivets….but they can be pricey and so I just didn’t think about it again until the other day. I purchased some hand painted tiles from a shop near here for a buck each (months ago when I thought we’d retile the fireplace hearth), and I had a 4 pack of cork tiles that cost $4 for the pack (also from months ago), so after using one cork tile and my four hand painted tiles, I got some pretty nice little coaster/trivets for the whopping sum of $5. Whoo!

I used James’ razor, some gorilla glue, and a cast iron pan with soup cans and a jar of tomato sauce as a weight and hopefully it will all work out….We’ll see at Christmas, I guess.

holy smokes!

Posting has gone by the wayside, but we’re getting ready for Christmas around here and then we’ll see most of you! Natalie is officially on break and we’re getting little tasks done here and there – nothing like hosting 15 people for Christmas to make you bust out a paintbrush!

We’re really excited to host everyone for our first Christmas in our new house and I’m a bit shocked by the fact that we have enough real dishes for dinner AND dessert without having to wash in between….except for forks, but we have a GIANT box of plastic ones that we’ll bust out for dessert.

By now, everyone should have received their cards, so here was the entire photo shoot!

A Desk Chair

I picked up this rattan chair a while back. It is, as you may have guessed, from the thrift store here in town. The caned seat had a hole, but I saw potential and it was only $35! I like having unique chairs and I hadn’t seen one like this in ages, so i knew it was the right one for me.

However, I’m short on patience to pick up a new skill since I tend to little kids all day, so I needed a quick and easy fix for the seat. It also needs to stand in as a dining chair in a few weeks and needed to be a tad bit higher, so I decided to add a cushion. I didn’t want to spend any money on a new cushion – though I’ll admit I considered taking it to a local upholsterer and getting a quote. I’m lazy though and just wanted to fix it in a few minutes. I found the flattest couch pillow we had and plopped it on the seat – it was the right thickness, though not quite the right shape, but since we’re aiming for quick fix here, you can’t be too picky. The fabric needed an update though…..so I have this handy dandy fabric bin in our basement and I spent a few minutes shopping down there and came up with this! I also did NOT want to spend any time sewing, so I cut it to fit and using safety pins, set it all up and voila!

Maybe one day, we’ll fix the seat or maybe never….it’s not really that high on my list of priorities, but I am happy with my quick fix!

This weekend we’re heading to the local opera house to check out the Nutcracker! Hopefully Conrad can sit through……