Be careful!

It’s yucky out today, so aside from sending James out later to get milk, we’re staying inside. We’re starting to put away Christmas decor and get back to normal and we’ve made room for all the new toys.

We didn’t get our list done for the first floor, but we did manage to scramble and at least prime the hallway before guests came. I realized that I can’t pick a paint color that I like for in there, but that I do love a wallpaper for it. That seems like quite alot of work, so we’re just going to live with it primed for a bit.

Nat is actually anxious to get back to school, so that’s a good thing! We’ve got things planned this week to help us get through…and to decrease the squabbles that happen between a brother and a sister who are together every single day……

I’ll take some pictures once the rooms are cleared up, so we can showcase our new arrangement of stuff!!

Be safe if you must drive outside today! It’s already quite icy out!


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