99% done!

I’ve been waking up early and it’s starting to affect me (third day in a row before 5am) and so I ended up napping on Saturday and not getting as much done as I had on my list. And, it’s ok! Natalie’s room is 99% done and it’s gorgeous! There is room for playing and room for added art pieces. I have an area to patch, since I hammered a nail and it busted out the plaster on the other side (the other side being the empty area in the ghost closet) and I lost the nail in the wall…James got the nail out, but now I have a small spot to patch and sand and paint….oops! Haha, oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Phase 1 is nearly completed! We have to swap her fan, put up her shortened curtains (and shorten them…) and arrange her closet. Phase 2 will see a radiator cover and bed frame (so we hung pieces near her bed slightly higher to accommodate this). Phase 3 will see restored windows and new carpeting!

As usual, we’ll start with a before and end up with the (mostly, haha as usual) finished product!


A Knitter is Born!

While we wait for finishing touches to happen in Natalie’s room, I thought I’d share some big news! Natalie has started knitting! It’s tricky and will take some practice, but she is determined to learn and give it her all. We talked about the importance of mistakes and how they help you learn (her words actually, all on her own!). Her room should be done today, with pictures to come tomorrow and I’ve already started on Conrad’s room – no rest for this Mama!


Yesterday, I sanded Nat’s weird wall, primed it and painted it purple. It feels good to be down to the last wall! Today I’ll give it a second coat of purple (did I mention the wall is weird??) and finish the trim and then do all the final touch ups around the room (when you paint pink on pink, you tend to miss a spot or two….). Saturday I hope to put her room back together, hang up all her artwork and convince James to swap out her ceiling fan (because of course it SHOULD only take an hour, but will most likely take three….haha). There is a little sneak peek at the end of the post, I love how it’s turning out!

We’ve decided to spend Conrad’s birthday at the Milwaukee Zoo. He’s been really into animals lately and asking to see real lions and tigers, so off we go! I haven’t been there since I was a kid, and it’s nice to explore new places as a family. We also purchased tickets to see Wild Kratts Live! in early April. We’ve seen them at Brookfield Zoo with our cousins, but they’ve gotten so popular, they now have to book special venues! This is our birthday gift to the kids this year and we’re excited too!

I’m not certain why her closet doorknob is different. I tried swapping it with our closet doorknob (which is glass, like Conrad’s closet) but it wouldn’t turn or move the latch, so I put the black one back. Natalie likes it, so that’s all that matters!

A minor setback and some daytime kitchen pics

Well, one of Natalie’s walls is very odd. You might remember how many hours James and his sister spent clearing off layers of wallpaper? Well, it’s an odd and very smooth wall and is riddled with nail holes! So, I temporarily put that wall on hold while we patch the holes and purchase some gripper primer (the green ness of it also made the purple look psychedelic!). I moved onto the other sections and finished those up quite easily and nicely.

Her room is going to look fantastic though and be a lot more organized, which will help her out. She tends to be a bit of a hoarder and her room gets overwhelmed and she doesn’t know what to do. We have plans to outfit her closet to help her contain stuff and we are going to get her a bedframe so that she can have underbed storage to better utilize her space.

Conrad is anxious for us to start on his room as well! We’re removing his dresser and putting it in our room and outfitting his closet with organizers to put his clothes in. This will clear up a lot of floor space! His room is small and why have a dresser in there, when he’s got an empty closet?!? Plus, I could use a dresser (but we don’t have much room) so his will fit perfectly in our room. I have plans to stain it a darker color and swap out the hardware for something that I like better. That will have to sit on the backburner though until it’s time to get our room done (I’m thinking something dark and dramatic for the walls!).

I managed to finish up the kitchen section that I started (well the walls, not the trim, I had run out of dry brushes) and it looks really great! We love the blue and how it changes the way the kitchen feels, calm and pretty. It’s nice and here it is! Well, let’s start with a before, because that is fun and oh so satisfying!



So now I’ll just focus on getting the wallpaper all off so I can finish up the blue. Paint is transformative, isn’t it? Also, we need to buy some fruit……


Kitchen color

I mixed the color from two colors we had – an inherited yellow that the previous owner left and the blue we originally thought would work for the kitchen but was much too dark. I mixed them and voila! It actually matches a blue towel, the blue in the rug by the sink and the blue in the contact paper in one of the cabinets!  It’s rather fortuitous!

All this painting is great, but it tends to mean that other chores fall by the wayside. I’m trying to keep up as best I can, and trying to not let it get too bad (or I’ll be super stressed out) and trying to live with slightly more mess than I like, since I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. So far though, so good!

Here is the blue for the kitchen:

these are from the night, so perhaps I’ll take some quick daytime ones later

The beige is the original color and though it’s not bad at all, it’s not the color we chose and we want the house to be a reflection of us! I also found some extra tile in the ghost closet from Conrad’s room that we’ll use as a backsplash in the kitchen. I have to verify that we have enough, but hey! Jackpot! Here is a picture of that, propped up as backsplash:


This Old House

I like to watch This Old House. I often wonder who are all these people that have $300,00 to do a gut renovation of an $800,000 house, but hey! that’s not really the point! Anyways, they are also a good resource for old houses and their simple and effective trick to get old paint off door hardware is to use a slow cooker and some water and dish soap. The backplates on all our doors are riddled with paint and it drives me nuts! We have these beautiful and original glass door knobs and these dingy painted backplates.

While staring at my work that I got done in Nat’s room, it was bothering me even more. I grabbed my screwdriver, took them all off and asked James to get down our slow cooker. The ONLY reason i even bought a slow cooker was to boil hardware, haha, so you can see where my priorities lie!

Here is the before of one such backplate:


Here is the after! I had to scrub them, but not too much. I wasn’t going for a polished look here, just no paint. I think they turned out pretty nice!

Here is one after a minor ketchup treatment….next to a non ketchup-ed backplate. Thanks ketchup! You made me look even better!


So tomorrow, I’ll touch up the doors and once they are dry, I’ll reinstall these. It’s all coming together! I’m also working on a kitchen color (finally!!) and I’ll put up those pictures tomorrow. So now I have a daytime project (Nat’s room) and a nighttime project (kitchen). Stay tuned for the color reveal!

Natalie’s room!

updated pics at the end of the post!

We’ve decided to have 10 projects going on at once, so we’re also working on getting the kids rooms done before their combined birthday party! Natalie went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and as luck would have it, Conrad fell asleep on the floor in his bedroom, so….it worked out perfectly! I got two walls completely done – the cutting in, the trim and the paint! It’s going to look really  nice once it’s all completed.

Let’s start with the before – we had painted her room, or at least started, but we were having problems with it feeling too dark, spotty coverage, and weird bubbling. We purchased some new paint and just sat on the project for a few months.

Here is the partial after! The pink is a bit richer and the purple is more of a cool lilac. It looks really pretty!

Once it dries, we’ll set it back up and I have plans to complete her space this week! Stay tuned for pics! And yes Mom,other pictures are coming! I’ll nudge James about it, haha.

I painted another wall this morning and while I still have to paint the trim and the doors, it’s looking so pretty!!

It’s HOT to paint RIGHT next to a radiator…sheesh!