My kids like rocks. A lot. We have a lot of rocks. A lot. Quite by accident, I inherited a sorting tray for all the rocks! We have rocks from outside, rocks from Rainforest Cafe, and rocks from the rock shop in the square. They are all quite interesting, but sorting is fun and a nice way to display things. I’m using a Melissa and Doug tray that came for Christmas filled with cars and street signs. It’s perfect..and what’s more amazing, is that it pretty  much stays sorted. The kids take them out and use them as play food, as rocks for a construction site, as jewels or treasure, or crystals, so they get used a lot. And it’s aesthetically pleasing, which i like!

I also thought I would show you our playroom (haha, yeah got rearranged again) now that we’ve inherited a chair and a half from an old neighbor! It works perfectly in the playroom as a landing spot for the kids, was free so I don’t care how it’s treated, and works for adults to sit down too!

And yeah….please no one buy us any stuffed animals…holy smokes! Although the kids really do play with them!! I loved having this room as a temporary dining room over Christmas, but it also caused us all a bit of stress and it seriously cut down play space and made everyone grumpy because suddenly there were lots of rules about the room. We figure that by the time Conrad is in school full time, we’ll make the transition to a full blown dining room! For now, we’ll just have it become a temporary dining room at Christmas time! Having the addition of the chair though, makes this feel more like a transitional play space, which I like, since the kids do wander around the entire house.


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