The kids all had a grand time yesterday and there was only one hiccup (because kids together always causes hiccups). James and I talked to Natalie about her behavior (because she hit her friend) and talked to each other about how she has a hard time admitting fault. She can easily recall what everyone else does, but suddenly doesn’t remember her own actions. It’s a problem and since we don’t want it to be a pattern, we’re working on it. Hurt feelings and apologies aside, everything ended on a really positive note and in all the drama lasted maybe 20 minutes, so not a huge deal. And the main part of all of it, was that the kids moved on and were okay with one another and had a great time!

Today is going to be cold! Right? I guess I’ll check the weather, haha. We need to hit the library and return a gaggle of books and grab some more. So we’ll brave the elements to walk the block to our library.

I think I only managed to get photos of the kids ‘eating’ together since the rest of the time they were elsewhere or moving too fast. My camera needs to be charged though, so pics will have to wait a little bit.

Stay warm!


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