Reading logs

Nat read a record 370 minutes last week, well I don’t know if it’s an actual record, but it was pretty impressive! Now, reading logs don’t serve us well. We’ve tried in the past, but the problem lies with the motivation….Nat already possesses an intrinsic love of reading, she needs no extrinsic reward to do so. Reading logs are ALL about encouraging readers extrinsically….so you can see how they fail to work for us. Now, you may also think ok, but so if she loves to read, then it should be easy to just log what she’s already doing. Yes…and no…..reading logs also make the reading a ‘to do’, a chore, something they must do, which (at least for Nat) turns her off pretty quickly. She just wants to read for readings sake. Which, isn’t that what we want to produce?!? We want to celebrate that she loves to read, simply because it brings her joy. A love of reading will ensure that she reads for a lifetime, not winning prizes and logging minutes and rehashing story highlights. So, at Nat’s request, we are no longer clocking her minutes. James wrote a very respectful email to her teacher and she is on board with us and our decision to no longer participate. So it’s good all around!

On our agenda for this weekend is more wallpaper removal and possibly painting a kids room…..or sleeping and tv…it’s hard to know for sure, haha. Happy Friday!


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