Natalie’s room!

updated pics at the end of the post!

We’ve decided to have 10 projects going on at once, so we’re also working on getting the kids rooms done before their combined birthday party! Natalie went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and as luck would have it, Conrad fell asleep on the floor in his bedroom, so….it worked out perfectly! I got two walls completely done – the cutting in, the trim and the paint! It’s going to look really  nice once it’s all completed.

Let’s start with the before – we had painted her room, or at least started, but we were having problems with it feeling too dark, spotty coverage, and weird bubbling. We purchased some new paint and just sat on the project for a few months.

Here is the partial after! The pink is a bit richer and the purple is more of a cool lilac. It looks really pretty!

Once it dries, we’ll set it back up and I have plans to complete her space this week! Stay tuned for pics! And yes Mom,other pictures are coming! I’ll nudge James about it, haha.

I painted another wall this morning and while I still have to paint the trim and the doors, it’s looking so pretty!!

It’s HOT to paint RIGHT next to a radiator…sheesh!



3 thoughts on “Natalie’s room!

  1. It looks really pretty! Can’t wait to see it finished…. hahaha, and, of course, seeing more photos….. Your house has so much character and charm! Love you guys!

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