It’s almost Easter

I keep forgetting that Easter is happening on Sunday….I think it’s because once the holidays are over, we get a mini breather, followed by almost 6 weeks of birthday celebrations and I’m just really worn out, so it totally falls off my radar. We’ll do an egg hunt and baskets, though we’ll keep the baskets really small this year. We’re doing that for a few reasons: our kids have a serious case of the ‘I wants’ and it’s driving me INSANE. My solution is to give them less stuff, take away stuff they aren’t even using and give them more chores. My other solution is to change the focus and do things instead of buy things….so we’ll be visiting people over break and planting some veggie seeds and wandering around and going for a day hike. Simple things.

We are going to brunch this year and I realized that the kids needed something nice to wear! We seldom ever dress up, so for a hot minute I panicked and then I remembered that we have been blessed with LOTS of hand me downs, so Nat has 5 very fancy spring dresses to choose from and Conrad has about 6 sweater vest combinations to choose from (well I get to choose his outfit, haha). So done and done! I’ll be sure and take pictures so that everyone can see just how cute they look.

James is off this week, so we’re hoping to tackle some things – like building one raised vegetable bed! We have seeds waiting for us…and the kids are anxious to get planting! I’ll also need to measure our yard and get a few planting beds ready for our plant shipments. Fun stuff!


2 thoughts on “It’s almost Easter

  1. Off this COMING week. I am unfortunately very much working right now. Well… I mean, I’m commenting on this post, so I’m not working RIGHT now…

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