The middle

Next on my agenda (aside from all the gardening taking place) is to move into the middle section of the entryway. I’ve already removed the brass backplates and stripped and polished them and they are looking nice! Let’s take a look at how it looks in there when we moved in and right now:

Again with the crooked pictures…seems to be my signature. Anyways, as you can see, there is a really cool fixture in the entry but with the green cave ceiling, it sort of got lost. I primed it a week or so ago, when I was priming elsewhere in this space. It has made a huge difference in how bright the space feels. The doors got painted yellow last fall and I know they are bright, but I love them! I do need to spruce up all the hardware though, so off the hinges with the doors! The glass paned door, already has been partially spruced, but the front door will have to wait for a full sunny day to be worked on outside. Otherwise, just finishing the gray and painting the trim will complete this space. Then it’s onto the last side……


Where I’ll be back to scraping…..thankfully that’s at least a week or so away!


Interestingly enough….

we might have lilacs!! The bushes that run the length of the side lot don’t match the foliage of the bushes that run across the front of the side lot or the other side of the house and they have multiple buds of pink flowers that are going to bloom soon, so…..we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the whole length is lilacs! These poor bushes haven’t been pruned for years, so they are in need of some TLC. Other stuff has been popping up that has been on my ‘must have’ list for decades (lily of the valley, rhubarb, peonies, yay!) and it’s so very exciting!! We’re receiving our new tree and hydrangeas tomorrow and this Friday we’ll get some grasses and flowering bushes. Here are some not great pictures of what I think are lilacs….we’ll know in a few weeks!

It will be pretty funny if we do have an entire section of lilacs, since that is EXACTLY what we were going to do here. It’s kismet!

Radiator pics!

It looks nice! I’m happy with how this space is shaping up! Check it out:

That will be the last radiator I ever spray paint because it is NASTY stuff. We plan on building covers for all our other radiators, so it shouldn’t be an issue anyways! While walking around our ‘estate’ (hah!), we came up with plans for how we want the yard to shape up in the coming years. We designated an edible garden, a showstopper for curb appeal, and a woodland water feature as our end goals. It’s exciting! We’ve got lots of interesting and native plants popping up, so that’s fun and I’m very happy that we have a few peonies coming up and I have plans to relocate them to the front this fall (along with the bulbs in the back – we have crocus and tulips and one that we’re not sure yet….come on flowers!). Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more done in the entry, but I’m thinking that digging and garden planning will be the focus this week. The kids spent all weekend outside and doing their own things and playing together – and ‘helping’…..

Outside hijinks

I snapped some pics of the kids the other day…maybe Friday? I don’t know, it was nice out, it was snack time and they were having fun. I spray painted the radiator over the weekend, but my elbow is still wonky, and we are receiving lots of ordered plants this week, so I’m saving my elbow for all the digging and hope to get back to painting after that is all done. Injuries sure do cause delays!

Back to the kids –

I’ll post some pictures of the entry once the smell has dissipated, because WOW. Radiator paint is awful!

Window hardware

Just because I’m not painting, doesn’t mean I’m not doing something for the entry! James removed the paned window and all the hardware so I could get to work stripping the paint and polishing it as easily as possible. I used my trusty slowcooker – the only reason I bought it was to strip hardware – and it worked really well! Here are some photos: painted, stripped, and polished. It looks nice!

We’re fine with it not looking new, since it is old hardware. Now I’ll patch and paint the window and we can reinstall it once I’ve painted all the trim. Good stuff!