Radiator pics!

It looks nice! I’m happy with how this space is shaping up! Check it out:

That will be the last radiator I ever spray paint because it is NASTY stuff. We plan on building covers for all our other radiators, so it shouldn’t be an issue anyways! While walking around our ‘estate’ (hah!), we came up with plans for how we want the yard to shape up in the coming years. We designated an edible garden, a showstopper for curb appeal, and a woodland water feature as our end goals. It’s exciting! We’ve got lots of interesting and native plants popping up, so that’s fun and I’m very happy that we have a few peonies coming up and I have plans to relocate them to the front this fall (along with the bulbs in the back – we have crocus and tulips and one that we’re not sure yet….come on flowers!). Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more done in the entry, but I’m thinking that digging and garden planning will be the focus this week. The kids spent all weekend outside and doing their own things and playing together – and ‘helping’…..


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