Still here…

We’re plugging away slowly at the kitchen – sometimes we have to do other life things….like clean the rest of the house, so this project gets put on hold for a few days. The Restore had a sale and I picked up two chandeliers for $40 total and a hutch for our new pantry space for $120! It’s going to look awesome in there! Here it is so far….

We discovered that there is an outlet behind the radiator and we already knew that there was a hole in the floor (we can see it from the laundry room), so I had suspected that the radiator was moved and looks like it was! It works out for us though, since our long term plan is to plop in a back door where the window on the left is currently. We’ll just patch the original radiator hole and be thankful for previous owners moving the radiator! Things here are happening, but it’s Natalie’s last week of school and we are just super busy otherwise. Hopefully by next week, this space will be done! With the seating cleared out, I can actually reach all the wallpaper standing on the ladder, so I’ll be able to scrape it all away and prime and paint. Happy Tuesday!


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