Not too shabby!

I picked up an $18 brass chandelier, painted it oil rubbed bronze and voila! We have a dining room fixture for a cool $25! We just need to pick up a ceiling medallion and paint it to match the ceiling and James is planning on pulling up the cord so it isn’t so loosey goosey and then it will really look great! Oh and those lightbulbs have to go too…it’s so odd that they stick out past the globes, but they came with the chandelier and free lightbulbs are good!

Ignore the mess (which this is how it looks most of the time….art is messy)

We also moved in the new hutch in our new pantry space! The walls are ugly, but fear not, they will be repaired on the rainy days this week.


The cardboard protects our feet while we figure out what to do with all these awful tiny staples. On my agenda is to scrape all the rest of the wallpaper, patch all the holes, and prime away! We have a light fixture for this space (another Restore deal, $20!) and we will be building a radiator cover. It’s just really ugly over there….but it’s a lot of space and the extra storage comes in quite handy. We also finished up the front planting bed! I finished mulching it over the weekend and while it looks good, it’s hard to see the plants since they are very small still, haha. So, please pretend that our perennials are all their full size!


There are a whole gaggle of them in the foreground and because they are a small size (but affordable, so yay) you cannot really see them in the picture at all. There are 11 plants in the foreground though!! The obvious plants were a combination of ones we relocated from around our yard or a new anchor plant/bush. Next year, this should be a knock out! One of these days, I’ll just have a rest day though, because those are good too.


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