Summer break

Is officially here! We had one of Natalie’s friends over yesterday and she’ll go to his house next week. It’s already hot, so tomorrow we’re setting up the pool. The yard projects are all sort of done for now, since the planting season is coming to an end and we are doing it in phases anyways. Looking forward, we’ll just mow and maintain and next year, we’ll see how things turned out! We will be replacing the front steps and walk this September. They pitch towards the house which encourages water to just sit there, and we spent last winter hoping no one would use the icy steps and icy sidewalk. (we decided to wait on ripping out the invasive bushes until we can do it all at once and afford to replace them with either a fence or other equally sized bushes and we feel that this is the best decision for right now)

So we’ll be back to indoor projects – finishing up the entry, the kitchen, the half bath, and the living room paint touch ups (those burgundy baseboards are killing me and summer is the time to paint them!). Our goal is to get the first floor completely done by September and then just enjoy the fall and winter and declutter and organize, so that come spring/summer we can finish the upstairs!

Speaking of the kitchen, how’s that going you might be asking yourself? Well, we’ve removed some uppers and we love it! I think I might be one of the few people in the world that hates uppers…..but since installing the hutch in our new pantry space, I was able to clear out 3 uppers, so out they came! I also scraped some more wallpaper and we decided to keep the kitchen table and put it against the wall as a workspace in the pantry area! It will need to be trimmed just a bit and then we’ll recenter the pedestal base. I’m really excited about the kitchen, it feels a lot more spacious and more functional. Good stuff!

However, we do have this weird hole….and it made us laugh (and the table in our pantry area which is housing countertop stuff):

The other side of this weird hole is a vent….and we’re not sure what it’s used for, but it seems to be for nothing anymore. Our plan is to patch it with drywall and eventually remove the soffit and the overhead microwave, because surprise! I don’t like those either, haha. However, things will have to be done in phases, because that’s just how it works sometimes.


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