When your mostly blind dog cannot stop herself from trying to get any and all food and knocks HEAVY things off the counter, you realize that a change must be made. The built in seating has been fun, but you are making things dangerous and so we bid you good day. And it’s ok because….hello hardwood floors!



I was finally getting around to really cleaning our kitchen, since it had been a few days….working outside instead sort of uses up my time! Anyways, I decided that since I had cleared off the counter, that I may as well paint it for the time being. I wasn’t sure that I liked it at first…but really I think that it’s fine and that what I actually dislike is having such dark cabinets.¬†Adding back in the countertop supplies I use on a daily basis, helped me like it a lot better! I still have to peel wallpaper in sections, so it isn’t completely done, but it’ll get done eventually.

We do want to tile a backsplash, but with all the other stuff we have going on, it’s moved waaaaay down our list. We’re ok with that though! Happy Monday!

Before and inbetween…

I’ve been working hard in the front! It’s slowly coming together and I’m really happy with it! We haven’t even had to buy that many plants for the front, since we already had some of these. Some of them are super dinky right now, but give it a year or so and it will look a bit more balanced. We also plan on picking up more mulch and we are awaiting one more anchor shrub (we pick it up on the 20th), but so far it’s got a lot more personality than before!



Is that a word? Did I spell it right? Anyways, the bushes we suspected to be lilacs, are still just a mystery to us! Does anyone know what these are? They are six feet high, no thorns, not fragrant, blooming now….very old……it’s so frustrating!

We’re pruning them now regardless and they are quite pretty, so we’re happy to help restore these to their former glory. Whatever they are!

A front planting bed!

I worked outside for six hours yesterday….and was exhausted, but I hauled brush to the brush pile, trimmed another shrub, raked and graded the front planting bed, planted the perennials, hauled five wheelbarrow loads of dirt to our compost pile, and put in a brick border wall…..whew! Today I need to clean the bricks (since they are the ones I dug up from around our property and are not all the same color, but they are neat looking!) and check their placement and get some mulch. We have a few more plants to go in our front bed, but we won’t get those for a few weeks. Everything looks small, haha! In time though, it will look lovely….we hope!



The front planting bed has a ridiculous amount of roots. I pulled out some, but a big thanks to James for tilling the soil and pulling them out – all by hand! I was feeling stressed about getting it done, so he took over and that was much better, haha. I’ll let the soil dry out a bit before I rake and grade it and then I can get to planting. We have a few more plants coming for this spot, but for now we’ll put in what we have. It’s going to look beautiful….in about five years…haha. We have more than half of the possible lilacs pruned and we’re working on pruning the overgrown apple tree as well. James broke the limb cutter shear things…so we’ll have to get new ones before we can pick that up again. He is ‘strong like bull’! Instead I’ll leave you with a picture of our favorite tree ever – a Conrad tree! We have high hopes that it will grow big and strong!



Nat had a playdate on Sunday and they had a lot of fun! They are working on a movie about robot aliens, so they were busy making their costumes. Next time the filming might actually happen….