A place to read

Now that Natalie is an avid reader, she has her own large collection of books and she really needs someplace for them to go. We tried keeping all the books together in the living room, but that wasn’t working as we ran out of room and the books started living on the floor in piles (which was giving me hives). Solution: a bookshelf in Nat’s room. Problem: didn’t want to purchase one…..Solution! shop your house and find some old bookshelves in the boiler room left by the previous owner and bonus! they are modular, so easy to dismantle and take upstairs to clean and paint!

I also gave her a larger side table by swapping one for an extra one we had in the basement. It makes a lot more sense for her room and it provides space underneath for her barbie tote! I’ll have to do some touch up painting, but I’m happy with how this turned out! And bonus bonus = the paint was even free because it was a sample that my Dad and Pat no longer wanted and gave to us. So this was a free project, big score!!


Kid stats!

Yesterday we took the kiddos to see the pediatrician for their annual check ups! They did really great too. While I explained what we were going to do, they did start to get nervous and whatnot, but while we waited for Dr. Andy to come see us, we joked with the kids and talked with them and they laughed and it seemed to really help them out. They answered all of his questions and helped him out and it went really well! The only time anyone got upset was at the end, because Conrad was due for three shots. Previously (so, for Nat), it was two shots at four years and one shot at five years, but with measles outbreaks in recent months/years, they bumped up the MMR (which was the one given at five years) to be included this time around. Conrad was more worked up about the shots than anything else, but it was fast and as usual, I did a comfort hold. Afterwards we got Mcdonalds!

Here is a quick pic of us waiting for Dr. Andy:


And now, for their growth stats!

Natalie: 47.25″ (25th percentile for height) and 51lbs (50% percentile for weight)

Conrad: 40.5″ (25-50th percentile for height) and 35lbs (25th percentile for weight)


I have to make more room for vacation pictures, but I can at least put up a few about what we’ve been doing around here. I have a summer cold so I haven’t wanted to paint or do much else, but I have been inspired to sew! I made a valance for the half bathroom and one of the curtains for the stairwell. I’m happy with how they turned out:

It didn’t cost us anything extra either! We’ve had all this fabric and the pompom trim for a while now, so it was extra fun to use up what we already have. I would like to swap the curtain rod in the stairwell though and I do have one in the basement that I just need to install, but for now, this works!

We’re home!

We’re back and soon I’ll have photos put up (once I figure out how to make more room using wordpress without having to pay…..usually I just delete old photos from older posts). We had an okay time and we’re all glad (especially me) to be back at home.

A little mudroom fun

As you may have guessed, I bounce around from project to project. This gives me a breather from one area and honestly, it helps keep it fun! I have been working on the entry (and the upstairs hall) and I just started work again on the mudroom as well! It took me a few tries to get it quite right, but now I love it! I still need to add some lovely blue polka dots, but here is a sneak peek of the mudroom (or as we also call it, the side entry):

I need to finish the trim, paint above the shelf, reinstall the shelf, paint the actual shelf, and remove the windows that open in (which totally makes no sense in this space) and figure out a window treatment, but it’s all on my list….haha. So far so good though! I wanted this to be a fun space – which is totally doable in an area where you pass through! We’re gone next week, so it will be great to take a break, but I am anxious to complete this space (well and all my other to do stuff..haha)!


We’re still here!

i apparently already think it’s the weekend and i meant the week of june 12th when i said next week…..so, oops!

We’ve been busy this week, we had a playdate with one of Natalie’s friends and met some new ones that we met at the park for a picnic. We’ve played outside, went to the Memorial Day Parade, and cleaned the house and made plans and more plans. Next week sees us gone for the week – the kids have farm camp and since it’s about an hour away, we’re staying in Beloit (which is about 11 minutes from the camp, much better!). I get some much needed break time from the people I love most and one of those mornings off, James and I will have a breakfast date!

Summer break is going fine so far, though I’ve noticed that Nat has been quite moody (which I’ve found to be the case for a few other kids too) since school has let out. The decompression period does take time and I’m hesitant to fill our days with magic every day! Instead, the kids actually really need time to feel bored and eat popsicles.

The house plans are coming along – even if I’m feeling unsure of where to start, haha. I did paint the front door though and I love it!

Slowly but surely it’s getting there! We’re also considering how to use our yard….we might actually swap where the vegetable garden and play area is, since the kids need nice grass and vegetables don’t! That will be on our agenda for next year though, this year we have enough on our plates. ┬áHappy Friday!